Global Faces of Lyme

logo_frontFaces of Lyme Part 4″ Global Faces

This video is a fourth in a series called, “Faces of Lyme.”  The point of this video was to show that Lyme disease is now a pandemic. It is spreading quickly and all continents except Antarctica have Lyme disease.

Because many countries go by the IDSA Lyme treatment guidelines, patients around the world are not getting the care they need. It’s time for the IDSA and CDC to admit Lyme is not easily diagnosed or treated.

Research is needed. Better treatments are needed. Most of all, care for those who are too ill to take care of themselves anymore is needed. Children are living in a state of sickness.  Parents are trying to raise their children from bed. Students are dropping out of college. People are dying. When will this pandemic be recognized?

~ Lisa Hilton

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If you are looking for a support group or any credible Lyme information in your country please visit Global Lyme and Invisible Illness Organization


Promote Awareness and Support a Lyme Patient

One thought on “Global Faces of Lyme”

  1. lisa,

    thank you for sharing the photos of those worldwide you met on your journey and setting up your site with karen!

    well done knowing how sick you are at this present time.

    hello to ALL of you out there i may have had some contact with these 11.5 yrs. after being correctly diagnosed after 35 yrs. of MISDIAGNOSIS by 40-50 drs.

    best wishes to each of you. hugs/prayer always,

    bettyg, iowa lyme activist
    47 yrs. chronic lyme

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