Got Lyme?

got lymes


Please help us to be able to afford our medicine and Dr. visits. Insurance doesn’t cover care, we pay cash for everything. 

Dr. visits are $350 a month per person. It is $700 to become a patient. 

Our herbs are $100 a month for each herb (need at least seven herbs each month for one person).

My IV supplies are expensive and very necessary also (about $500 a month).

We need a little help. 

If we could afford care for all of us it would be about $5000 a month.

Thank you for any donation, none to sml. 

Here’s to getting better!

Keep fighting! We have sold everything we have to stay well. We have had to move states twice to be close to a Dr who will help. 

We have lost our house, our car, our tractor, our horse trailer and now we are going to lose our horses. Insurance doesn’t cover our care. Thank you for your help

We need IV supplies:

Saline, heparin, drip lines, saline bags, needles, syringes, alcohol swabs, port dressings, winged infusion sets, etc…. Prescriptions , supplements, herbs..

This is what your donations will be spent on, thank you.



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