Great New Book for Caregivers of Lyme Patients


Shifting the Lyme Paradigm, The Caretakers Guide through the Labyrinth
by Huib  Kraaijeveld

From “This book is intended to create understanding about Lyme and for the people who have it. It is written for the people close around Lyme patients and is the only book that describes the whole labyrinth of Lyme Disease in easy language. ”

“Huib has a very honest and yet, witty way to helping those with Lyme disease and those who care from them. This book is full of ideas on how to help your friend along their journey as well as helpful to those who are suffering from Lyme, to realize that their friends and family members may need some help along the way also. Bringing the two sides, aka patient and caregiver, together in a journey of learning and understanding each other can be very helpful and very needed in this crazy journey we call, “Lyme.” Thank you Huib for a book well written, that will help countless people through their journeys.” ~Lisa Hilton


About the Author, Huib Kraaijeveld


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