Have you seen the Lyme Quilt yet?

The Lyme Quilt

Taken from the Lyme Quilt Facebook Page:


The Lyme Quilt is a permanent testimony by all those who are surviving Chronic Lyme Disease and a memorial of all those who have been lost because of it.
Lyme disease is one of the most misdiagnosed and under diagnosed diseases. The controversy surrounding it’s treatment and even it’s existence in chronic form is only adding to the difficulties faced by people infected with it and the many confections that go along with it. It is the fastest growing infectious disease in the United States with the CDC recently changing it’s estimate of new annual infections from 30,000 to 300,000. Many believe it is much higher and transmitted by more than just a simple deer tick.

The Lyme Quilt is a project that seeks to give a voice to the entire Lyme community. Those currently battling for their health, those in remission, and those who have passed away as a result of it.

It is a work of art and an expression of our love and support of each other. It is our voice, crying out for help, pleading with our leaders and those that can change the future of lyme research, diagnosis and treatment to get involved, to hear us, to stand up and make a difference.

The Lyme Quilt is a continuous project that will continue to grow so long as there is a single person battling this horrific disease.

Eventually it will travel throughout the country serving as a voice for so many who are unable or who flat out can’t be there because of this debilitating disease.

If you or someone you know would like to have a square added to the quilt please follow these guidelines and instructions for submitting your square

The square must be 6×6 leaving a small amount around the edge for sewing. The square can have anything you want on it representing you or someone you know with lyme.

Fabric color is important.

If the person the square is for is alive then the square should be red fabric. If they have passed away from lyme disease or one of its many complications then the square should be green.

We are also in the process of developing a website for The Lyme Quilt. Part of that website will be the stories of those represented by the quilt. If you would like, but not required, you may also send a 1 page summary of your journey for use on the website. By submitting your story you will be authorizing use of it and a picture of your square on The Lyme Quilt’s website.

Finished squares and stories should be mailed to:

The Lyme Quilt
PO Box 42
Myersville, MD. 21773

With your help, we can be heard, we can make a difference, one square at a time.


One thought on “Have you seen the Lyme Quilt yet?”

  1. For the Lyme Quilt you have asked for red fabric for those alive and still fighting the battle and green for those who have lost that battle. Yet, you are sponsoring a Red Shoe day for those who have died. You should make up your mind on colors for the state of being! because that is very confusing…..Perhaps those who have died should be represented by the color lime and those who are living with red…the color of blood of our life line! I love the idea I’d the quilt!

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