Heather Askeland

Heather Askeland, 2013 Lambda Literary Fellow in Poetry from Lambda Literary on Vimeo.

Please join us for a remembrance of our dear friend, Heather Askeland this Thursday, August 7th. We will be gathering near the swings on the beach at Lincoln Park at 7 p.m. This would have been Heather’s 34th birthday. Bring your open hearts, memories/poems/quotes to share.
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On Suicide in the Lyme Community: In Memory of Heather Askeland (1980 – 2014)

Gilman woman dies after being struck by train

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 This quilt square was made in honor of Heather Askeland. 

If you would like to learn more about the Lyme Quilt please click here.10649680_451349491674024_6189704247294640689_n

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  1. I know some may think it is inappropriate to post this here, but I’m desperate. I am not really getting support from family and only a little from friends (though they are all pretty much as poor as me). I am unpopular for being queer, non-neurotypical, and non-gender-conforming, and for not having the same religion or politics as my family, and have always been treated differently because I’m adopted and don’t “match” them. I have had health problems all my life and they have only slightly and sometimes been taken care of, some of them. In 2002, I had an infected cat bite that almost killed me (my aunt finally found me delirious and got me antibiotics) and have since had Bartonella rash two or three times. About 11 years ago, I had an infected tick bite and was told it couldn’t be Lyme due to location (I have since found confirmed Lyme cases from the same place), and my health took a steep dive downhill. For a while I could hardly get up or walk. My other medical issues were greatly exacerbated and new symptoms showed up. I have yet to get any treatment or testing. I have not been able to keep jobs and I get rejected for any for which I apply. I have made an appointment in May with a Lyme literate doctor. We do not have enough of the money together for the appointment, treatments, or testing he might order yet. I am not asking you personally for money, but I am having a hard time getting anyone to share my fundraiser or art page, so if anyone could share it, it would be so appreciated and such a big help. Please just help me get some attention to my attempts to save my life. Thank you.

    I think Heather would want people to support anyone in a situation similar to hers (I have also been homeless and hungry and without any medicine in the past, and am now only not-homeless as long as my partner doesn’t lose their job.)

  2. Of all people your passing hurt the most. I saw your plea for help and I was so moved by it– surely someone would step up and extend a helping hand– I am devastated. Your suffering touched me and I know there are people now who suffer like you did. People, please don’t give up, keep reaching out, especially to a local Bible church; churches need to learn to love and care for the sick. I will never forget you Heather.

  3. Rest in peace sweet Heather. We will continue to fight this disease and the medical ignorance in your honour. Fly with the angels.

  4. Heather, may you have peace as this horrible disease is to blame for your untimely passing.

    We must find a way to aid one another in our dark hours. No matter the reason whether it be our symptoms, the poverty this disease induces, or just wanting to end our suffering.

  5. rest in peace heather! i just read about your suicide tonight.”

    i remember your writings on lymenet.org

    bettyg, iowa activist

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