Help me get my health back~ Keren Roman

2b66e037-5efa-4508-a347-672730b1a080_profileHi everyone. As some of you might know I have been battling chronic illness for the past 3 years. I’ve been carrying my own weight through all of this and I’ve been trying my best but I need some extra help. I never thought I would ever encounter such hardships in my life before this all started unraveling. I was a double major in college with a lot of academic achievements. I also was extremely athletic. I was an elite gymnast growing up. Here is a video of me at my prime:

I have been able to get some answers to some of my debilitating symptoms I have. Some of my most debilitating symptoms are severe migraines, dizziness, “brain fog”, dizzy/fainting spells, low blood pressure, and vision problems. This has kept me away from the academic field. Something I so dearly miss. I test positive for Lyme disease and have undergone antibiotic treatment for it. I know there is an enormous medical debate on the length of time one should undergo antibiotic treatment for when diagnosed with Lyme disease. I don’t wish to get into that because I frankly don’t have the answer. I also have low Igg levels and I’m undergoing Igg replacement therapy which has tremendously helped me. I have been able to work part time since I started this therapy. What I do notice is my digestion is very much linked to all of my symptoms. This leads me to believe that my severe gut dysbiosis is the culprit for most of my symptoms. Since, I have exhausted all antibiotic options, I wish to try a new therapies. Money has been really hard to come by because I cannot work long hours and since I cannot work long hours I cannot pursue certain treatments which leads me to a vicious cycle. I can’t wait to get back on my feet and live a life full of joy.

Once I recover I look forward to giving back to people with similar hardships. I understand how mysterious, devastating and frightening chronic illness can be and I really aspire to give back in any which way I can to people in similar situations. Please help me get my life back so I can move forward and pursue my dreams.


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