Help Melissa with Medical Treatment and Bills

65908a49-df37-4857-8197-2d6b40d5f9e9_profileHello eveyone,

My name is Melissa and I have been fighting Lyme for over 20 years. I was in remission for a while but fully relapsed with the Disease in 2012.

When I first got infected I was at a camp trip with my 6th grade camp. I came home very ill and it took until 9th grade for them to figure out what was wrong with me.

I have a huge amont of issues currently that include dibiltating all over pain, migrains that last days in a row, depression, anexity, low BP, dizzyness, fatigue and insomnia evey few day, hair loss, memory loss, slured speach, twitching of hand and sometimes whole body, nausea daily that last all day, dyslexia and that’s just a start of what I am going through.

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