Help Sheet for Lyme Patients


Help for New Lyme Patients

Ask a Lyme Question

Lyme Friends
A social networking site for Lyme patients

Information for New Lyme Patients

International Information
If you are looking for support groups or websites in your country, please click here:

Financial Help for Lyme Patients

Financial Assistance
Here is a group of links to organizations that may help pay for Lyme testing, antbiobitics and other situational needs.

Fundraising Tips
Here is a collection of ways you can raise money online to help support yourself or treatment.


Need help, facing homelessness?

National Coalition for the Homeless

Lyme Roommates

Lymies Seeking Roomates

Need Somebody to Talk To?

Here is a list of groups you can reach out to and article you can read, and a suicide hotline list.

Hotline Numbers and Facebook Groups for immediate help

Suicide Prevention
An article written by a Lyme patient with their own experiences regarding the thoughts of suicide.

Make the Double Pinkie Swear Promise
This is a child’s last wishes, the night before he passed away from Lyme disease. He made his mommy promise to never hurt herself, he made her pinkie swear. We have turned his plea to his mom into an international movement to have people sign to swear never to hurt themselves.

24/7 Lymie Help Support Group

Suicide is not the End…

Inspirational Articles

Letter from Paula

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  1. I tried the Lyme Roommates FB link above, and it gave me an error message. The Lymies Seeking Roommates FB link works. Thank you

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