Help with the defense for Dr Bovenzi, another pedicatrician under attack for treating Lyme disease.

 Message from Kenneth B. Liegner, M.D.,

Please disseminate this information regarding a Legal Defense Fund for Kari Bovenzi, M.D. a fine young pediatrician who is under investigation the NYS OPMC for using her best medical judgment to heal her young child patients suffering from Lyme disease and other TBDs. It is important that she be enabled to successfully defend herself, and in order to do so she is seeking contributions to her legal defense fund. Dr. Bovenzi’s successful defense is vital not only to her but to all physicians engaged in trying to help persons with tick-borne diseases, an area where diagnostic testing methods remain imperfect, clinical judgement is paramount, and end-point of treatment must be determined by clinical response because several of the tick-borne infections have been demonstrated to be capable of persistence despite application of anti-microbial therapy.
Also, there are precious few pediatricians to care of children ill with tick-borne diseases.
It is imperative that all (physician colleagues, patients, parents, advocates) unite to support Dr. Bovenzi. Presently, financial support for her to fund her legal defense is her most pressing need. We do not know how long this process may go on. Whatever the duration, we must be prepared to lend whatever support we reasonably can.
Please pass this appeal for fund-raising for Dr. Bovenzi on to any and all who may be likely to lend their assistance.

Very truly yours,

Kenneth B. Liegner, M.D.
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2 thoughts on “Help with the defense for Dr Bovenzi, another pedicatrician under attack for treating Lyme disease.”

  1. I’d also like to know if the Lyme bill passed into Law in NYS. The way it is listed in the NYS government website suggests that it was, but that is only a guesstimate on my part. If anyone knows pls post here (and also pls message me on facebook, bc I dont see a way to get alerted when there is another comment posted here). Thank you!

    Justin Reilly
    Bristol, RI

  2. Sorry,but I have been so busy being sick that the answer to my question must have escaped my attention: Did or did not Cuomo sign a Bill back in early July that stated the doctors were to be allowed to treat Lyme patients any way they saw fit? What is the status of that bill? Operational,or shelved like the last one was? As this is New York, the victims of Lyme don’t count. The control of the insurance companies over state and federal agencies is of primary importance.

    HR4701 was just passed. The representative from Texas mentioned he did not want tax dollars going to our cause being taken away from government Lyme research. Here is the punch line on that joke. Back in early June of, I think, 1006, Reuters published a statement placed by the government starting that they had, indeed, been playing around with Lyme Disease research for use as bacterial warfare. They were apologetic and said they were donating 19 million dollars to a lab in Texas for Lyme Disease Research.

    For two minutes I was pleased until I realized, hey ,that is a governmental lab dedicated to the study of bacterial warfare. So, to shut us victims up, they made it look like they cared but in effect, donated more money to the warfare program , not a cure. Is that what will happen in spite of HR4701?

    I think that is what has been happening in general research, study , study, study. Now that you have up close and personal acquaintances with Lyme and are even a little familiar with co-infections, how about eradicating them?????? The government’s studies and releases of their experimental bugs will keep all you researchers working so you really won’t have to milk this disease for decades or forever.

    It is time for you who are still lucky enough to not be sick and drained of all your strength,to stand up and demand proper care and treatment and research and, for God’s sake, ANSWERS!!! No one’s been listening to US.

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