Holiday Help for Lyme Disease Patients


Happy Holidays everyone!

We know that many Lyme patients struggle throughout the year trying to afford treatments, special diets and not to mention just the basic costs of living. It is especially hard during the holiday season when you see others out and about shopping for their children, family, friends and co workers.

As always this community has always been good at supporting itself. Here are some programs to help you with the holidays, all put on by volunteers. Take a look at this list and see if any of them can help you. If you are running some kind of Holiday Help Program for Lyme patietns please Contact Us Here so we can add you!

2016 Lyme Patient Holiday Wishlist

If you are in need you can join this list. This is to help with some basic gifts for children or elfddadults. Each recipient will receive either a gift card or some small gifts.
Join the Facebook Page
Read the Instructions
Website Page
o be put on the list or to donate to someone on the list please contact Fern Klein:
Fern’s Facebook Page
Cell # 267-709-7942

Holiday Card List

If you would like to send and receive cards, or one or the other join this list!
To be put on the Holiday card list contact Fern Klein
Fern’s Facebook Page
Cell # 267-709-7942

The Lyme Care Package Giveaway

LymeCares has reached out to several companies to tell them about Lyme disease and now they want you to know that they not only CARE ABOUT LYME PATIENTS but are also DONATING PRODUCTS for holiday care packages for 20+ Lyme patients!

Hopeful Packages

Hopeful Packages is a non-profit organization started in October 2016 by a 17 year old girl who fights multiple chronic illnesses herself. Hopeful Packages sends around 6 care packages out each month to people with life altering or life threatening illnesses, I also go to infusion centers and sit with patients and also give them a little gift to keep them busy or comfortable while they are there. Hopeful packages mission is to try and put smiles on as many people that we can that are fighting hard battles and to spread hope and kindness to others.

For Help Throughout the Year Please Check Out


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