Holiday Help for Lyme Patients 2017

Holiday Help for Lyme Patients 2017

Well that time of year is coming again! And as we all love the holidays, it is also an especially hard time for people who are chronically ill. We are trying to collect a list of groups or foundations who will be helping Lyme patients this year for the holidays. If you have a group, foundation or page that is please let us know so we can add you to the list!

LymeCares 2nd Annual Winter Holiday Giveaway

Watch for the LymeCares 2nd Annual Winter Holiday Giveaway! This year, LymeCares will send holiday care packages and gifts to more than 50 Lyme patients around the U.S. Follow the LymeCares Facebook page here. If you’d like to donate to LymeCares, please contact Sheila Bush here:

LymeCares is dedicated to spreading hope to the members of the Lyme community while raising public awareness about tick-borne illness. LymeCares works to educate conscientious businesses about Lyme disease and its impact on Lyme patients while offering these businesses the opportunity to donate their excellent products as a show of support for those suffering. LymeCares then forwards the products directly to Lyme patients in need via care packages. More than just a box of goodies, these care packages lift spirits, impart much-needed hope, and remind Lyme patients that they are not alone. Like their page here.

Kid’s Smile Boxes for Lyme Disease

Lyme Warrior has about 50 care boxes to send out this Christmas but slots are filling up fast so check it out! This is a great place to donate to also! Check out how to get on the list for a Smile Box or how to donate to help Lyme Warrior get more Smile Boxes here!

Pay it Forward Cards

Angle Rice has made this page for cards she makes and sends out for the holiday season and throughout the year. Here is her mission statement:
“I started Pay It Forward Postcards as a way to help support fellow patients who lived all over the world and needed encouragement and kindness as they were in a fight for their health. I now extend this service to anyone needing support in a time of need or crisis. I make homemade cards. Each one is unique, a work of art, and tailored to each persons need. My goal is to bring a smile to their face in a dark time.”

The Lyme Raffle

The Lyme Raffle is  is open all year. it is a page on Facebook that raffles off items randomly throughout the year that get donated from authors, crafters or anyone who has anything to donate.  There will be some fun raffles in there this Holiday Season so join the page and check it out! All you have to do is join the page, and if you see something you would like to win, write a comment below the post and wait to see if your name gets drawn! If you would like to donate something you can contact me on Facebook. 

Other Fun Holiday Links

Holiday Shop

The Holiday Shop is full of crafts and homemade items that Lyme patients are selling. It also has essential oils shops, woodworking, artists, authors, Zazzlers and other shops run by Lyme patients trying to raise funds.

Holiday Health Hacks For A Season Full of Wellness

Put on your comfy clothes, make a cuppa tea, grab some paper and use the power of your pen to prepare for some healthy holidays.
This trio will share their Holiday Health Hacks, knowledge, know how and wisdom on how to make your holiday season one of WholeBeing Wellness, Mind, Body and Spirit. (Dial the Teleclass number above and enter the code when prompted, to enter the class)

In this live call in class, we’ll cover everything from food, nutraceuticals, herbals and oils in the Body portion of the class, then transition into therapies for the Body/Spirit connection. We’ll dive a little deeper into emotions and thoughts with practical practices for the Mind/Spirit connection and finish the class by tying it all back into the Body. Keep reading instructions here. 

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  1. We realize that numerous Lyme patients battle during the time endeavoring to bear the cost of medicines, exceptional eating regimens and also simply the essential expenses of living. It is particularly hard amid the Christmas season when you see others out on the town looking for their children, family.

    1. What kind if testing do I need to get to see is I have lyme disease? I know there are few doctors that know how to detect it. Thank you

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