Holiday Wishlist 2015



For the last four years we have done a “Holiday Wishlist” on This year as Lisa Hilton from the US teamed up with Karen Smith from Australia to make an organization called, “Lyme and  Invisible Illness Organization,” we decided to move it over there, so it would get a more global reach.

Our goals for this year:

1. Matching up people with those that may need items with those that have items to give away.

2. Compiling a List of People who have children that may not receive anything this Christmas as they (or their caregivers) live with Lyme & Co., and there is limited funds.

3. Asking people to donate crafts or money / gift cards that will go to children / families that may have otherwise not received anything.

4. Listing / Providing links to those that are selling crafts, art or other items for their treatment

5. Helping everyone by linking to any fundraisers they may have going for treatment .
Note: We are still looking for small gifts, gift cards or crafts or anything we can include in care packages for children.

If you have a child who needs gifts, or you are in need yourself, please CONTACT US HERE.

For People in Need

We will need:
Yours or your child’s name:
Gift Wishlist:
Brief summary of the situation
Contact email and address:

For People Who Wish to Donate to Those in Need

  • Visit the Holiday Wishlist For Children or For Adults
  • Click on the names on the list to read the person’s story and see their needs.
  • Contact us on how to send gifts to the person you choose to help. You can reach us HERE or on our Global Lyme and Invisible Facebook Page.
  • If you wish to donate or give away an item such as supplements, a craft, or some type of gift, we can list that for you in the “Give Away” section also.

Click Here to Visit the Holiday Wishlist!

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season!



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