Holiday Wishlist Wishes

holidayThis is the short list of people’s Holiday Wishes this year. This is a short list of each person’s wishes and how to donate to them. If you want to see a more detailed page for each person explaining their situation, just click on their name and it will take you to their personal page.

If you want to donate to someone but you don’t want to choose who it goes to, you can send a Paypal Payment to and we will give it to the people who have received the least amount of donations.

Everyone has now received at least one donation. Thank you!




Rhonda’s Wish


Boy(14) wear
size 34/30 pants,101/2 shoes,18/20 coat, into Nike,mountainimageedit_64_8007303088
bikes, the kids wish is a bowling ball Wii to share

wears the same size as his brother.all of them need winter
clothing. coats hat, gloves, socks, underwear, pajamas, shoes

(11). Wear size 16 girls,or 1-2 women’s xlrg
shirt, 81/2 shoe ,16 coat, likes gift cards, baby alive

Girl(10) wear size 14/16 pants 81/2shoes,xlrg
shirts,like little mommy dolls,monster high,journey,girl (8)
wear size 10 xlrg shirt 8-81/2 shoe into tea

Girl(6) wear size 7 wear size 8 xlrg shirts
like Dora easy bake oven,table chair sets.could use Walmart
gift cards to buy food an personal items.need. toilet
paper,toothpaste etc…..cookware set,towels ,wash
clothes,queen-sized sheets,dishes,anything you can do will
be greatly appreciated.

How to donate to Rhonda:

You can email Rhonda for her address to send her gifts at

12/24/2014 Rhonda received a cash donation.



Kristal’s Wish


  • gas cards
  • money for medical expenses
  • clothes, winter coat
  • food
  • a bed
  • sheets
  • blankets
  • a warm comforter (it’s cold here)
  •  hygiene products.
  • My sizes are 4 misses pants, M misses shirts, 34B bra, and 9 in shoes/boots.

How to Donate to Kristal:

Please email Kristal for her address to send gifts at

12/24/2014 Rhonda received a cash donation.

gar;andFern’s Wish for her son Bobby

He needs a winter coat size L

How to Donate for Bobby:
Please email Fern at liberty7712@comcast .net to get her address for cards or gifts for Bobby.

12/24/2014 Fern received a cash donation.



Christin’s Wish


  • Cash for medication/ supplements, doctor visits, furthering my education
  • Gift Card for groceries to Cashwise, or Coborns
  • Non toxic household supply (shampoo, conditioner, essential oils maybe)

How to Donate: & email for home address

12/24/2014 received a cash donation.


Martine’s Wish

I would like to sleep in a bed
see my chiropractor, cardiologist, gynecologist dermatologist, dentist and a naturopath for treating MRSA boreliosis shingles Hpv herpes and EBV
How to Donate to Martine:

You can Paypal a donation to her at

12/24/2014 received a cash donation.


Jennifer W’s Wish

  • Money for prescriptions/supplements
  • socks for all of us,
  • bedding size twin and queen.
  • 6 year old REALLY wants Sofia first doll,
  • 4 year old likes spider man, bat man, Mickey Mouse, and sports,
  • have a one year old girl also. Toy instruments, toys to play house and Dr, train set, washable crayon and paper, bath toys, toddler car seat and booster seat.
  • Flash cards for learning.
  • Size 7/8 clothes
  • size 1 shoe girls,
  • size 4t clothes
  • size 11 toddler boy shoe,
  • size 12-18 months
  • size 4 toddler shoe girl.
  • Size 18 pants,
  • 2x shirt women clothes
  • 9W shoe.
  • Large Men shirt, 32×32 pants, and size 10 shoe.

If you would like to donate to Jennifer you can email her for her address at

12/24/2014  received a cash donation.

12/25/2014 received a cash donation.


Rachel Anne’s Wish

Vet Bill Paid
Ramp for home

My paypal email is

12/24/2014 received a cash donation.



Sarah I

I need money for treatment and supplements.

You can read more and donate on my fundraiser here.

12/24/2014 Rhonda received a cash donation.


Jenn M

The Situation: Spending a lot of money on bicilin shots for treatment.

My wish: I’ve been needing new glasses for a couple of years now and can’t afford them.

How to Donate to Jenn: You can donate to Jenn at Paypal email:

* Jenn M received one donation of $25 on 12/22/2014, this donation was in memory of Chrissy Morbelli.


  • Gifts for my mom: she loves jewelry and anything pretty.
  • My 9 year-old daughter only wants Santa to bring her an American girl doll.  (Her two best friends are asking Santa for one too and will get one.)  What’s so heart breaking about this for me is that she believes Santa will bring her one too! And why wouldn’t she? She is such a good girl,  kind to everyone, very compassionate,  thoughtful and works very hard in school (which I know is a real challenge with Lyme). Those dolls are expensive, and there is no way we can afford to buy one for her. I wish with all my heart I can fulfill her wish somehow. (received)
  • My 14 year old son:  He would probably like some clothes. Size adult sm, and an mp3 player.
  • My partner who takes care of me so selflessly, and helps me with my mom and my kids, for whom without, I would probably be homeless. I would like to give a gift card for a massage to give her a break from being a caregiver and to do something to treat herself. On her wish list is a tool set, a leaf and lawn vaccume (to make yard work easier) and a book on how to play guitar.
  • Three adult sons ages 21, 25 and 26: Gift cards to anywhere would be great!\My  3 yr. old grandson:  Any age appropriate toy.
  • Infant grandson age 4 months: an outfit, size 6 months, and a baby toy.

How to Donate to Debbie:

You can contact Debbie through email to get her address. Her email is

12/25/2014 Debbie’s daughter received a doll and doll carriage along with a donation.




  • Food
  • Clothes. Size 18 misses
  • Women’s shoes, size 9
  • Girls Shoes size 8 and size 1 girls shoe
  • Clothes size 4t boys
  • Shoes boys size 11 boys
  • Girls Clothes 18 month girls
  • Girls Shoe size 5-6
  • . My 7 year old girl loves Disney Frozen and the color yellow.
  • The 3 year old boy is having trouble with his breathing treatments, so something to distract him would be great.
  • The 16 month old enjoys toys that make her think.

To donate to Brittany, send her a card or send her a gift you can contact her for her address at

* 12/17/2014 Brittany received one donation of $25 from the Holiday Wishlist.



Jenn K’s Wish

For my son:

ITunes cards
Pittsburgh Steelers gloves size youth large or mens small
size 16 slim blue or tan dress pants for church
size 71/2 or 8 speed skates
size 7 sneakers- black with some color but mainly black.
I know I am asking a lot but he’s been through so much and never asks for anything because he’s so aware of our circumstances. He is becoming such a compassionate young man.

For my husband and myself the most helpful thing would be prayers and gas cards.

* Received some items, a glove.




  • A Refrigerator
  •  women gloves
  • A coat for my grandson his size is boys 18-20 and gift card for him.

How to Donate to Darlene:

Email for Darlene’s address to send a card, donation or gift to.

* Darlene told us all her wishes have been granted.


8882327_origErika’s Wish

Any gift cards, for food, gas, any stores, cash donation, ozone sauna, gifts for my parents, coloring books and stickers

You can donate to her fundraiser
Or you can email Erika for her address to send cards or gifts.
* Erika has not received any donations from the Holiday Wishlist.


Kim’s Wish for her Daughter Kendrea

The Wish:  I ask for Christmas cards to be Kendrea. They always make her happy.

Thanks , Kim

Her address is

Kendrea White
181 Panther
Rd. Hartford, Al. 36344.



Wishes: $100 to purchase new glasses.

You can donate to Tina by sending to her Paypal email

* Tina’s glasses have been paid for!




  • Gas money
  • Money to pay medical bills as they come up.
  • Prayers that we will have a safe, mold and chemical free place soon so that we can have our kids with us and my husband can find a job.

My Paypal email address is:

* Sarah received one cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist.



  • Help with raising money for moving.
  • A Coat her daughter likes at Walmart.You can email Sandy for her address to send a card, gift or donation.

* Sandy received one gift card on 12/9/2014


A Dad’s Wish for his 4 Sons

Colin would love a Best Buy gift card. He does like to spend time on the computer.
His brothers Luke 14, Joe 12 and Zach 12 would love a Best Buy gift card.
They have all been suffering so horribly for 5 years now. This would make them feel special and not forgotten. Thank you!

How to send Gift Cards to the boys:

Contact Mark at to get his address for cards.

*Has received a card for each son. 12/11/2014



Money towards treatment.

* Christina received one donation from the Holiday Wishlist on 12/15/2014.


Rocky Mountain Girls

  • some type of sweet mother-daughter type necklace – my 11-yr-old is my biggest champion, and I am hers
  • gift cards (local stores include Sprouts, Target, Wal-Mart, Homeland, Kohl’s, Whole Foods or if a generic card, could use for paying doctor visit)
  • Cash donations for treatment and mold removal.

Please use for contact information or to make a PayPal donation.

* Has received a gift for Mother/daughter 12/10/2014



I need money for treatment and supplements.

You can read more and donate on my fundraiser here.

* Has received one cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist.



  • We are in need of gift cards so we can buy things that will help us from getting mold in our home.
  • We need help with down payment for new apartment. We have a application on one right now that we are waiting on that is brand new with concrete floors downstairs. I plan on living downstairs until the chemicals go away in the carpet upstairs.
  •  I need defusers for every room. We need a pure air system that costs $1,000.
  • We need air purifiers.
  • We also need nice heaters for the rooms because the house is gas I have been told try not to run gas heat unless we have to.
  • I would like for my kids to get something for Christmas after the year they have had.
  • Please Pray and thank you for your Prayers
  • My kids are Cameron is 18 boy Anna is 13, so age appropriate gifts are appreciated.

Click Here to see how to donate to Cathy

* Has received 2 cash donations so far.



  • Money for new apartment.

Donate Here


* Has received 2 cash donations from the Holiday Wishlist.



Gift cards:

Young Living Essential oil gif cards
Apple (she is saving for a Ipad!)
Etsy (she is obsessed with organic cotton candy and dog and cat treats)
Wegmans Grocery Store
Trader Joe’s
Greenwood Herbals – 207-793-3553
8 oz bottle of Herxheimer drops
Visa Gift Card (for insurance deductibles or co-pays)
Living Streams Mission Gift Card

How to Donate to Jessica:

To make a donation or mail out supplements or gift cards you can email Cindi for Jessica’s address Email:  

* Has received 1 cash donation so far from the Holiday Wishlist.

 * 12/28/2014 Jessica received a donation.



  • Jewel gift card for groceries
  • A bottle of kirkman laboratory Pro-Bio Gold chewable probiotics for my family (this is the only kind we can tolerate due to sensitivities)
  • Shaklee Ocean Wonders Chewable Multi-Vitamin

Contact Jeanie here for address.
Paypal Account:

* Has received 1 cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist.

* 12/28/2014 Received a donation.



  • Gas cards for doctor’s appointments
  • Grocery cards
  • Supplements/Meds (filled @ WalMart for $115/month, 5 antibiotics) or $25/monthly each through Prescription Hope (when approved for their program) for Lyme treatment
  • Or any type of care package for daily essentials/hygienic items (toilet paper, kleenex tissue, deodorant, toothpaste,dish soap, items of that nature)

You can donate to Jenn at her Paypal

* Has received 1 cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist.
* 12/21/2014 Received care package and $40 gas card.




  • Care package of food, vitamins or any buhner protocol herbs (as that is what the llmd wants me to give her)
  • Cash Donations for treatment and testing: I am on 4 different antibiotic rotations and herbals but they will run out soon and I’m out of money. Doctor also wants more testing which I don’t have the money for at all and what do you do? I feel helpless.
  • Care package gluten free low sugar foods are welcome also. I am not currently working and don’t get much financial help.
  • Gift cards for websites that sell herbals probiotics gluten free foods would be wonderful.
  • Walmart or weis gift cards for groceries.
  • My daughter needs a coat size medium juniors womans she likes blues black teal or pink
  • She aslo needs boots, like the black lace up short kind or even hiking boots, slipper type boots, something for winter

Contact Info: If you want to send a card or gift contact Kathy for her address: Her email is

Donate to Kathy Here:

* 12/7/2014 Has received 2 cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist.




  • Gas Cards
  • Cash donations for treatment.
  • Soft Cotton Blanket for Jimmy, my son. (gift recieved)

My paypal: is jimmyk1@ that is also my email address if you want to get a hold of me for my address to send us a card or gift.

* Has received a blanket and care package and gift card from the Holiday Wishlist.
* Has received gifts for her grandaughter. 



Gift Cards or Age Appropriate Gifts Are Appreciated!

Makenna is 11 Favorite Colors (pink, green)
Tymber is 9 Favorite Color (blue)
Kayleigh is 8 Favorite Color ( pink, purple)

Donate Here

* Someone donated a box of toys, games, crafts gloves, diary, socks, etc. about 20+ items for Vicki kellerman’s granddaughters.



For my Kids: I would just love for each to get some presents to put under the tree. 

My oldest son is almost 13. Towers over me, lol. He is a big boy! (Taking after my father who was nearly 6’6)

My daughter is almost 10

My youngest son is 7 almost 8!

For Medical Treatment

  • Gas Cards
  • I would love 1 Walmart Gift Card fo reach kid so I could get them each one Christmas Present.

How to Donate to Debbie:

You can donate to Debbie using ddb11702@yahoo on Paypal.

* Debbie has received 1 donation so far from the Holiday Wishlist.
* 12/14/2014 Cash donation made towards kids.



  • The most important thing to her is ‘Serretia’ (by Arthur Andrew Medical) Only this can be reduce her pain! It is available in Hungary, but very expensive.(she has to take 8 capsules daily for the effect)
  • Perskindol – it’s a cream for her pain.
  • Probiotics, vitamins, algae supplements
  • If somebody could donate us for visit- payments to the doctors and travelling to them, it would be great and we would be very-very grateful!

How to Donate to Maria:

Contact Info if you are sending Maria a card or gift and need her address:
Paypal Email to send a Cash Donation:
* Maria has received 1 cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist so far.
* Maria received a cash donation on 12/28/2014

Deana’s Wish

  • Pair of boots for husband.  He wears size 10 1/2.
  • Utiltiy bill paid

How to Donate to Deana:

To make a donation to Deana please email her for her address.

* Deana has received 1 cash donation. 12/10/2014
* Two people chipped in to get Deana’s husband boots. 12/15/2014


 Stephannie & Alan 

  •     PRAYER
  • Ningaxia Red from Young Living

Found here:



If you would like to send a card or gift to Stephanie and Alan you can email them for their address.

To Donate: If you feel led to donate to us financially thru PayPal to help us purchase the needed items above feel free to send us US funds to our paypal account at

For Family and Friends in Canada wishing to donate to Stephannie & Alan to help them in their time of need. You can send U.S. Funds – Money Order to them. Contact them by email at acure4lyme@gmail.comor Facebook Message Stephannie for their mailing address.

* Donations received so far:
12/1/2014 Someone sent a gift card.
12/4/2014 Amazon gift card
12/4/2014 someone donated Epsom Salts
12/4/2014 Lyme book
12/12/2014 Received a bottle of Cat’s Claw



I am in need of monetary donations that will aid in my mom’s Chronic Neuro Lyme Disease & co-infections treatment. Please contact me if you are willing to donate and I will be eternally grateful.

You can email Angela at to get her address to send cards to.

OR you can donate at this link to her fundraiser

* Angela has received one donation on 12/15/2014.



Cash donations to help fix friends jeep. A friend who drives her to her dr appts for several years now and helps her out a lot.

How to Donate to Teri:

You can email us at to get Teri’s address for a card or to send a gift.

OR you can donate to Paypal and we will get the payment to Teri. Just leave a note saying you want the donation to go to Teri.

* Teri has received one donation on 12/15/2014.




Needs help with treatment costs and daily living expenses.

Donate here to her fundraiser. 

* Monique has received 2 cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist.




  • Food
  • Money for medications/supplements
  • Clothes for us

To Donate to Tammy please email her at to get her address to send cards or gifts.

Or you can donate directly to her fundraiser at* Tammy has recieved one donation on 12/15/2014.



1. Fund to see dr g in Scottsdale

2.  Ugg boots or something like them

3. Funds to get Rosie groomed (Furry friends for Rosie’s grooming)

4. Funds to get me groomed

5. Funds to get a tune up for the 93 Nissan pathfinder…. (Payson tire and automotive for tune up and or fixing the car so it does not shut itself off while driving)

Hope that is why it turns itself off while I am driving

6. Gift cards for gas and food

7. Small back tires for pride quantum q600 power chair (Southwest mobility for the small power chair wheels) 

Donate to Katherine by sending a Paypal donation to and writing a note that it is for Katherine. Or you can contact her on Facebook for her address.

* Katherine has received $25 from the Holiday Wishlist.



Cash donations for her mom who is sick too but taking care of Gia. Needs cash for treatment for her and her mom and food.

If you would like to send a card to Gia you can email her for her address at

* Gia has received 1 cash donation.



Needs help to raise money for hearing aids.

My paypal is and my home phone, if needed is (540)635-9280

* Bernadette has received 1 cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist. 12/7/2014

gar;and Melissa

I have a 14 year old and 10 year old. I’m looking for donations for them only. They need shirts size men’s medium & boys size 10, my youngest is in need of jeans size boys 8 regular, they both need shoes sizes men’s 12 and boys 4.5, those are the necessities.

My e-mail address is if you need to send stuff to me. If you want to send cash.

I have a youcaring account that you can send money.

* Melissa has received 1 donation from the Holiday Wishlist 12/10/2014



I’ve recently lost my mom and grandmother and family is scattered. I’m pretty much isolated and don’t socialize much. Been too sick to make new friends. Sometimes, when I can, I go to the store just to talk to somebody. So. What I would really like is to get Christmas cards and or notes.

To get Jennifer’s address to send her a card or gift you can email us at to get her address or post a comment in the section below and we will get back to you.

* Donations so far
3 People sent her cards.

1 gift card




  • I need money for iGenex testing
  • Some basic supplements for detoxing and such.
  • An inexpensive computer then I could possibly do some part time work from home.

You can email Leanna at for her address to send a card or gift card to.

* Leanna has received one cash donation.
* Leanna has received an Apple computer. <<– Yep that is correct! Thank you generous donors!



Donations for sister who is in need. Needs electric bill paid. You can paypal them to

* Two people sent gift cards to Lisa’ Sister.


Maria D 


Needs to fix car.

Click Here to Go to Maria’s Fundraiser

* Maria received 1 $25 donation. 12/15/2014



  • Gas Card
  • Shop and Go Grocery Card

Please email Paul at to get his email to send a card, gift or donation.

*12/7/2014 1 Cash donation.
* 12/21/2104 $25 donation.
* 12/25/2014 recieved a donation.



Cash donations to fix house that is in disrepair.

Send Cards To:

Don and Robin Kelly
P.O. Box 538
Lakebay, WA 98349
* 12/9/2014 Robin received 1 cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist.



  • I would appreciate any financial help or gift cards
  • “Straight talk” cell phone time
  • Gift cards to my doctor.
  • My most expensive prescription is filled at Walmart, so any gift card for Walmart would be appreciate.
  • I cannot take most prescriptions or use most soaps: clays,salts, pure vegetable/fruit butters & essential oils are helpful.
  • Supplements like burbur, teasel, dried adrenal. Pieces of wood or old tools would assist my creative side and potential income as I am able.

You can donate by sending a payment to Paypal:

Or you can contact Leighann for her address to send her art supplies, supplements or gifts at

* Leighann has received one cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist.



  • Young Living Essential Oils Giftcard
  • Gas Cards (for traveling to treatment)
  • Visa Giftcards
  • Anything that will help a beginner learn how to crochet
  • Cash (for treatments)
  • Anything you think would be helpful
You can email Michelle to get her address to send gifts or gift cards at
Or you can Paypal a donation to
* Michelle has received 1 cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist.



Needs supplements and Essential Oils

You can email Terri at for her address to send a card or gift.

Or you can donate to Terri at  her Paypal at

* Terri has received 1 cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist in the memory of Chrissy Morbelli.

* 12/24/2014 Received a donation.


 Linda L 


Please click here to read Linda’s wish and contact her on how you can help.

* Linda received one $50 donation on 12/14/2014.

gar;and Bridget

  • gas cards
  • supplements
  • money to go towards my treatment.

PayPal is If you need any further information, please let me know.

* Bridget received 1 donation from the wishlist. 

* 12/24/2014 Received a donation.




Emily is 12
She loves makeup, anything girly, zebra print stuff, sprays etc etc or just gift cards and I can pick stuff out for her would be awesome so I can feel like I had a little part in their Christmas.

Caleb is getting ready to turn 11 on Dec 2
He is into Duke basketball and outdoor stuff. Again gift cards might be easier lol.

Abby is getting ready to turn 7
She also loves make up, little dolls, legos, purses, hello kitty, and Disney frozen.

Ada is 5
She loves Disney Frozen and has mentioned a Frozen necklace and doll.

For myself
Cards from other Lyme friends to know I’m not alone.

You can email Dawn at to get her address to send her kids gifts.

You can donate to Dawn directly on PayPal through  email

* Dawn received a gift for each child. 

* Another angel sent a gift for each child. 12/12/2014



  • Medical Care
  • Fix up moldy RV

You can donate to Carol on her fundraising site

* Carol received one cash donation on 12/7/2014.

* Carol received cash donation. 12/24/2014



  • Gift cards for Walgreens scripts
  • Gas Cards
  • Amazon Gift Cards for supplements
  • Target/Walmart Gift Cards for essentials
  • Heating pad
  • YL Thieves EO
  • Book of postage stamps to send payment in for all those bills

I can be reached at to send you  my address for a card or gift.

* Ginger received a Heating Blanket.

* 12/25/2014 Ginger received a cash donation. 




Donations straight to her doctor

  • Cash Donation for NP appointments.
    You can donate straight to the doctor at:
    Dr. info:  Marc Boutet  CNPBC#00269
    #230-22529 Lougheed Hwy.
    Maple Ridge B.C.  Canada
    V2X 2V2
  • Herbastat turbo boost my daughter’s immune system.

You can email Tracy for her address to send her gifts or cards at

* One cash donation has been sent to Tracy’s NP




Moving Expenses Paid
Financial gifts can be made at email me for paypal details at

* Kristi has received one donation on 12142014.



  • To buy my 3 boy’s a few gifts
  • gifts for my two grandkids
  • gift for my Mom, something special because if it wasn’t for all her help I would be out on a street somewheres. She is the one person that has stood by me and never has giving up on me .
  • If I were to have a wish for myself it would be one of those notebooks so I could go on facebook more often. I can’t go on much because we have a desktop here  and it kills me to sit in the chair for any amount of time.
To donate to Lisa you can Paypal her a donation to:
Or you can us to get her address at

* Lisa received a cash donation on 12/8/2014
* 12/24/2014 Cash donation.



Sher’s Wish

  • My wish list for my daughter Karessa who is 14.  She is in need of clothes size M or 7 pants in adults and shoes/boots size 9 1/2
  • I myself would love someone to say a prayer for me. I have been going through depression for a few months now and Christmas is the worst for me.

How to donate to Sher:

To donate to Sher you can contact us at for her address.

* A Holiday angel is sending Sher an uplifting book. 12/12/2014

* Cash donation on 12/13/2014



If you can’t decide who to donate to, you can donate to Paypal and we will pick for you!


Click Here For Adding a Wish Instructions

Click Here for Wishes Granted Page


5 thoughts on “Holiday Wishlist Wishes”

  1. I’m not sure if this is where I do it at, but I wanted to make a holiday wishlist. We really need clothes, boots, hats, gloves, and money for prescriptions. I have 2 girls age 6 and one years old, and a boy who is 4 years old. Their sizes are 7/8 girls, 4t boys, 12 months girls. Their shoe/sock sizes are size 1 girls, size 11 boys, and size 3 toddlers. The 6 year old really wants Sophia first toy, the 4 year old likes super heros (Spider Man, Bat Man, and Dr stuff), Mickey Mouse, and he’s full of energy. The one year old is just learning to walk and she likes blocks and things she can push. Flash cards would be great for them as well. I have been at the hospital quite a bit, so a babysitter would be helpful if anyone knows of a reliable one that isn’t too expensive or to be able to get them in after school activities/day care 2-3x/week. I wear size 18/20 women in pants, 1-2x in shirts, and size 9W in shoes. My dad has seizures and lost one leg. He is in a wheel chair, so he is living with us. He wears size 32-32 pants, men large in shirts, and size 10 men in shoes. I realize that this is a long list, but I just wanted to give suggestions. It has been pretty stressful lately, especially during this season. Anything would be extremely helpful and thank you in advance.

  2. 7 year old loves Disney Frozen and her favorite color is yellow, 3 year old likes Spider Man. He has Cystic Fibrosis, so something to keep him distracted during his breathing treatments would be helpful. And, 16 month old enjoys toys that are engaging her brain

  3. *Prayers
    *Money for auto insurance to get to appointments, work, and school
    *Winter clothes. Size 18 misses, 9 in shoes
    *Clothes for 16 month old girl, 3 year old boy, 7 year old girl
    *Meijer gift card

  4. Could you direct me to some people in Nh Mass or local so I can help with some other stuff to thank you will check email this weekend .

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