Corner Of Hope

This page was inspired by Ann-Marie O’Shaunessy and Sharon Rudy.  Both are very inspiring people who want to bring hope to the Lyme Community. We all hear the scary Lyme stories, but seldom do we hear about the people who got better. So Ann-Marie thought it would be great to hear these stories, so we know that it is possible. Sharon Rudy is a counselor and has a daughter suffering from Lyme. She has many great ideas to share on how to cope with being chronically ill.

We all hope this will help put a little light in your day.

To see the stories of people who have gotten better please
Click Here

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  1. I got bit by a tick 6 yrs ago lost job ins I am suffering and so sick literally from my scalp to bottom of feet my eyes nose ears right breast right leg so depressed RECLUSED MYSELF I miss my family I miss. Myself! Please can somebody help me please

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