children with lyme

How Children with Lyme Might Behave

children with lyme

Children with Lyme Disease

“Children with Lyme disease have special issues. Since they did not have much of a history of wellness prior to becoming ill, They don’t know what “normal” is. They can’t always explain what is feels wrong. Because the symptoms of Lyme disease can be non-specific, vague, and changeable, parents and teachers may suspect them of malingering or making things up to gain attention. It is also difficult for parents to discern when their child’s symptoms are worse or better, given the difficulties children have making that determination themselves.” ~Dr Jones

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Another great article is on the Ilads site, called,  Pregnancy and Lyme Disease

childrens lyme symptoms

Children’s Lyme Symptoms

This Poll was created for the parent’s of children with Lyme Disease. Please click on all your children’s symptoms. (Any ages between birth – 18 years old.)

A Couple Videos Made from a Lyme Mom

Words from Lyme Children’s Parents:

Words from a Mom who's Child has Lyme.

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