IDSA Babesia Guidelines

For those of you who are curious, here is a link to the Guidelines on how to treat Babesia. Here are a couple statements out of them that make me guess, they aren’t going to be much different from the flawed Lyme Guidelines.

“Symptomatic patients whose serum contains antibody to babesia but whose blood lacks identifiable babesial parasites on smear or babesial DNA by PCR should not receive treatment (E-III).”

” Longer duration of antimicrobial therapy may be necessary in highly and persistently symptomatic patients until parasitemia is cleared, but no controlled studies exist that define the risk-benefit ratio of more prolonged therapy.” <<—- Hmmm, no studies or research on this???

“Partial or complete RBC exchange transfusion is indicated for persons with severe babesiosis.”  <<—- Have any of you ever had blood transfusion for Babs? Do our doctors have any clue this should be done?

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