IDSA guidelines for Bartonella

Here are some interesting statements taken out of the IDSA guidelines for treating Bartonella. I find it curious, that it sounds so serious, and yet even after being diagnosed with Lyme, no doctor ever brought up even testing me for other infections that ticks pass. That is, until I found a Lyme Doctor.

“Some of the diseases due to Bartonella species can resolve spontaneously without treatment, but in other cases, the disease is fatal without antibiotic treatment and/or surgery.”

Bartonella species (e.g., B. henselae) can result in a focal suppurative reaction (CSD in immunocompetent patients), a multifocal angioproliferative response (BA in immunocompromised patients), endovascular multiplication of the bacteria (endocarditis), or an exaggerated inflammatory response without evidence of bacteria in patient tissues (meningoencephalitis).”

“In the study by Kordick et al. (60), various antibiotics, including doxycycline and amoxicillin, appeared to be effective in reducing the bacterial count in blood (40). However, subsequent bacteremia was observed after therapy was discontinued, suggesting that antibiotics did not eradicate the infection.”

” For serious Bartonella infections, it is critical to use two antibiotics, each of which has good in vivo efficacy against Bartonella.”  <<— Wait a minute, with Lyme the use of multiple antiobiotics is sooo dangerous though right? Is it different then with Bartonella? 

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