IDSA Lyme Protest, San Fran, Cali 2013

Well looks like another Lyme Protest is done and under the Lyme communitie’s belt. Congrats for putting this together! Looks like several Lyme patients showed up coming from as far as Ohio! Other featured guest were Jordan Fisher Smith from “Under our Skin” and Andy Abrahams Wilson the producer of “Under our Skin.”

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Why We Protest

To keep up with current news

Here are some pictures courtesy of Cory Bond, thank you Cory!

Cory stands in front of the Lyme awareness truck.



Andy Abrahams Wilson at the IDSA Lyme Protest in San Francisco, Ca


Lyme patients gather to protest the Lyme Guidelines written by the IDSA


Jordan Fisher Smith at the IDSA Protest in San Francisco, Ca.









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