If Veterinarian’s treat Lyme Disease Long Term, Why Don’t Doctors?

I am curious if anyone knows the answer to this. I know humans and animals are different, of course and respond to illness and treatments differently.  But research for all illnesses and treatments are done on animals first before humans, right? So why, when there is lots of evidence pointing out that Borrelia Burgdorferi, as well as some of the other tick borne infections, saying that it is persistant, even after antiobiotic use, is there still a question about this debate?

The IDSA guidelines, which are there to direct doctors in how they treat people for different infections, say that a 10 – 21 course of Doxycyclene is enough to completely kill the Lyme infection. Yet people are still saying they have symptoms, after they have finished their course of treatment. So, then the IDSA guildelines go on to say “some” cases with neurological symptoms may need long term iv antibiotic treatment. Yet, in my Lyme support group of 2,500 Lyme patients, it is a battle to get this iv antiobiotic treatment, and if they do manage to find a doctor to do it, they usually wind up paying out of pocket because insurance won’t cover it due to the IDSA guidelines saying only 10-21 day courses are efficient.

Take a look at this  paragragh taken from the IDSA Lyme Disease Guildeines

Source: http://www.idsociety.org/uploadedFiles/IDSA/Guidelines-Patient_Care/PDF_Library/Lyme%20Disease.pdf


Just another quick note, Babesiosis is mentioned, that this infection would need a different course of antibiotics, as Lyme treatment doesn’t cover this illness. Well, again, out of my 2,500 Lyme friends from my support group, almost none were tested for Babesia, and if they were almost all had to search out a doctor that would willingly treat them for it. And if they found a doctor to treat them for it, they had to pay hundreds out of pocket for this medicine called Mepron that has been nicknamed, “Liquid Gold” because of it’s ridiculous costs. Why is the medical establishment not aware of Babesia?

So why are dogs being tested for it ? Why aren’t human beings given the same courtesy? If you read the following article you will see Ron Hines DVM PhD explain why Babesia tests can be inaccurate. (See article below) So if people who are ill, say they are still sick with symptoms of Babesia, such as anemia and jaundice, even after a negative test, (if they were lucky enough to get tested) why won’t doctors continue to treat them? Again, why are we not given the same courtesy as our canine friends?

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Take a look at this  paragragh taken from the IDSA Lyme Disease Guildeines

Source: http://www.idsociety.org/uploadedFiles/IDSA/Guidelines-Patient_Care/PDF_Library/Lyme%20Disease.pdf


This is saying it is good enough to have the Erythema Migrans, otherwise known as the “bulls eye” rash, to get diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Yet, several Lyme patients I know, including children, went to their drs or the emergency room with the bulls eye rash, and almost none of them were treated at all. When I went in, with a tick still embedded in my stomach, not only did they not remove the tick, they ignored the tick, the rash and just gave me one two pill dose of Doxy to take when I got home. They did not put that Lyme Disease was my diagnosis either. Others don’t even receive that. Again, we need the medical establishment to somehow be educated in realizing prophylactic treatment is necessary when people have a tick bite,  and if there is a rash, that they DO have Lyme Disease and should be promptly treated.

This article is also saying that along with Lyme you can get Erlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Babesia and other co infections, so again, I cannot repeat enough, why are we not being tested for any of these other infections? There is sufficient evidence pointing out that many of these antibody tests we are given for these infections are not very accurate. So why don’t they just treat us based on symptoms? Dogs are.

Notice in the following articles, taken from a CAPC, Companian Animal Parasite Council, it talks about how persistent Babesiosis is, even after treatment. It also goes on to talk about inaccurate testing. Again, this information is out there for veterinarians to see. Why are our doctors not aware of this information?

Source: http://www.capcvet.org/capc-recommendations/canine-babesiosis1/


These following paragraphs taken out of the IDSA Lyme guidelines frustrate me because it is totally dismissing the evidence that if you treat Lyme Disease in the first stages, you have a chance of curing it. Instead it is saying, just sit back and wait to see if a rash might develop. It fails to mention that rashes do not develop in every Lyme patient. There is dispute about how often Lyme Disease presents with a rash. According to the CDC it develops in 70 – 80% of Lyme cases (1), and according to Columbia University it is only 60 – 70% will get the rash (2). Some suggest it is even lower.

Another insult to the Lyme community is that they are now suggesting a single dose of Doxy for a tick bite. I am yet to find evidence anywhere to say that Lyme Disease can be cured with one pill of Doxy. Where is that suggestion coming from? And the fact that they are pushing for doctors to do the “wait and see” if symptoms appear approach is just mind blowing. If they are worried about the “antibiotic resistant” theory, then why not treat right away with a couple month course of antibiotics, then wait and when symptoms become neurological they have to move on to iv stronger antibiotics that can go on for months or years? It doesn’t make sense.

Source: IDSA Lyme Guidelines






























Compare these two maps. One if for dogs infected with Lyme Disease and one is for humans infected with Lyme Disease. Why do they claim that humans are only affected around the Wisconsin and Eastern areas, while dogs are in every single state? There is not one state that is white, meaning no Lyme in that area. Every state has dogs affected with Lyme, yet the CDC and IDSA insist that Lyme is just an “Eastern disease.”





This brochure was in a vet’s office in my town. It admits that Lyme Disease is not cured with antibiotics, it is a long term condition. I had to giggle at the bottom of the page where it says, 20,000 humans are affected each year with Lyme Disease, as we all now know that the CDC just admitted 300,000 new people are affected each year. The truth is slowly coming out. Too slowly, however, as people are getting sicker and sicker and many are dying. Please read this article: NEWS: CDC raises Lyme estimate from 30,000 to 300,000



Note: I am not a professional writer nor any kind of health care provider. I am simply a Lyme patient myself, trying to understand why we are treated as we are.

~Lisa Hilton

(1) CDC Lyme Symptoms

(2) Lyme Disease and Tick Borne Research Center

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