International Lyme Disease Website

8336776Please stop by and check out the International Lyme Website created by Karen Smith (Australia) and me, Lisa Hilton (United States). This website is meant as a directory for Lyme patients worldwide. Our hopes are for Lyme patients around the world to be able to find Lyme support groups, websites, and information about any events in their area, no matter where they are from around the world.

This site will be ongoing and new information added as it comes in to keep it up to date. If you would like to have any information added about your event, support group or anything related to your country, please contact us here! 

There will also be many events put together internationally and this website will be a record for these events, such as Red Shoe Day, a day put together to memorilize our lost Lyme friends.

~ Lisa Hilton

Click Here to Visit Global Lyme and Invisible Illness Organization

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