Interview with Tom Grier, Alan McDonald, MD, and Andy Abrahams Wilson 1/28/2014

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As part of a multi-part series on Lyme disease, Dennis Bernstein will continue with another show tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 28th) at 5pm PST on KPFA radio (94.1 FM) interviewing microbiologist Tom Grier (MS-Lyme), Alan McDonald, MD (Alzheimer’s-Lym), and Andy Abrahams Wilson (Under Our Skin).

Tom Grier will discuss how some people with Lyme are being misdiagnosed with MS and Dr. Alan McDonald will talk about his research and how some Lyme patients are being misdiagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Then Andy Abrahams Wilson will talk about his documentary about Lyme disease, “Under Our Skin.”

You can listen to the show live by clicking “Listen Live” on the homepage:

You can also listen to it in the archives at:

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