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Into the Lyme Journey

I am writing this blog to document my journey fighting Neurological Lyme disease and to bring awareness to Lyme Disease, which is quickly becoming the most misdiagnosed, misunderstood illness in the United States.

lyme blog

One thought on “Into the Lyme Journey”

  1. writing to you from France again to suggest that you also look into both high-dose melatonin and low-dose naltrexon (LDN) for relief from neurological lyme.

    our MD-homeopathe was able to provide some relief for my daughter Jennifer…she began with one capsule of 10mg melatonin before sleep and increased that to eventually 3-4 capsules (40 mgs nightly)…and this did indeed lift brain fog and “crazy” psychiatric symptoms such as paranoia, bipolar depression and even schizoid manifestations.

    melatonin is THE master anti-oxidant that literally detoxes the brain, especiallly of mold and heavy metals. It reverses confusion and dementia, it is anti-cancer (so many cancer cases are now testing positive for lyme as well).

    As for LDN, it is anti-cancer and anti-pain, is a known treatment for MS…and we now know that MS is part of the lyme picture, along with nearly 400 pathologies now being attributed to borrelia and its co-infections.

    good luck and thanks for your site, Maureen in Capbreton France

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