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Introducing Dr Sally Schutz, Her Recovery through Lyme and Her Protocol

Dr. Sally Schutz, Lyme Warrior, Surgeon, and Shaman coach, reached out to us on to share her story. As a doctor who experienced what it is is like to have Lyme disease, then find a way to recover she wants to share what she learned with all of you. Please listen to her story above.

Stay tuned for Guest Posts from Dr Sally, (as her patients call her.)

Dr Sally’s Website:

Dr Sally has a “7 Week Program” that she offers for a very reasonable price. She will split it up into two payments for you too if you cannot afford the whole price at once.

This Seven Week Program Includes:

  • Education – what are the mitochondria and why does it matter to you!…
  • Inspiration – get to know what Dr. Sally went through to know you can overcome, too…
  • Module 1: Pre-course Foundation
  • Module 2: Clean Food and Diet – yes you need a diet to support the mitochondria…
  • Module 3: Detox – really what is the best detox?
  • Module 4: SQT – Getting back to Nature and more…
  • Module 5: Positivity – why your attitude in getting through this matters! and Belief – why your belief’s influence your illness and your recovery!
  • Module 6: 21st Century Quantum Physics EnergyTechniques! Think Outside The Box!
  • Module 7: No Doubt and the 5 types of Prayer – which one is best?
  • Module 8: A recently discovered system in the body, the ECS and Lyme – Most people haven’t heard about the ECS!
  • Q & A bi-weekly live coaching and collaboration. Saturday mornings at 9AM PST
    Surprise Bonus Gifts and handouts
  • Facebook Support Group

If you want to sign up for Dr Sally Schutz’s Program click here.

Guest Posts for Dr Sally

Lyme Disease Recovery



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