Introducing, “Rocks 4 Lyme”


Rocks 4 Lyme

If you haven’t heard of Rocks 4 Lyme yet, you should definitely check it out. A fun creative way to spread Lyme disease awareness as well as a fun project for the family to do together. ♥

We talked to  Kim Leonoudakis about what the project is about and how it got started.

Lisa: How did you come up with the idea for Rocks 4 Lyme?

Kim: I heard about community rock painting from my sister who started one in her town. I thought it would be fun to paint some and decided to try it in my town and see if it can help raise awareness.

Lisa: How does it work? What should people do?

Kim: Rocks 4 Lyme is Raising Awareness One Rock at a Time. Anyone in any city, town, state or country can paint rocks and hide them in their community. Here’s how it works. When you paint a rock you can put Rocks 4 Lyme and Facebook on it so people know where to go for details about the rock. When you hide a rock you can take a picture of it and post it on our Facebook page and on yours and tag Rocks 4 Lyme. Please state where the rock is hidden when you post the picture. If you find a rock you can keep it and paint more or you can re-hide it. Either way take a picture of it and let us know on Facebook that you found it and where. I encourage everyone to read the pinned post on our Facebook page which has more details and some simple rules. The photos are in separate albums by state and country so people can look there to see if any have been painted in their area. Here is the link

Lisa: What are you hoping to achieve with this fun project?

Kim: My main goal is to increase awareness about Lyme Disease. So many of us suffer and want to raise awareness but don’t really have much energy or money to go out and do it. Rock painting is very inexpensive. It’s also fun and very relaxing to paint and takes our mind off things for a bit. Anything that can take our mind off of this debilitating illness is a good thing. Then it gets you outdoors and in some fresh air when you have to hide them.

Lisa: How many people/states/areas do you have doing Rocks 4 Lyme so far and are you hoping more will join in?

Kim: Rocks 4 Lyme was started in California and is now in 7 states and Canada. I will be traveling for treatment in Germany soon so some rocks will be making there way there.

Raising Awareness One Rock at a Time

Here is the Facebook link and instagram.  

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