Introduction to Prodovite by Dr. Sally Schutz

healing lyme naturallyIntroduction to Prodovite

by Dr Sally Schutz

What if the nutrition you can feel… was also the nutrition you can see?

The following is a live microscopic blood analysis, before taking Prodovite Premium
Supplement and 5 minutes after. This person is just one of 41 subjects studied independently
of VNI.

“You will see that there is a lot of cell aggregation. Basically the red blood cells have lost
their negative charge. To one degree or another, this is what most people’s blood looks like.
Particularly those people who have struggled with a chronic illness although anyone who has
not eaten an organic, non junk food diet from infancy will demonstrate sticky red blood cells
as well as decreased healthy white blood cells as this short video shows.

So you see in the video a white blood cell, called a neutrophil about a quarter the size of
what it should be. Somehow how the red blood cells aggregation affects the circulation
indirectly or directly affecting the production of normal white blood cells of the immune
system. The video shows a second white blood cell which as well is way smaller than normal.
5 minutes after taking the Prodovite – the red cells are separated. The negative charge on,
the red blood cells has been restored and the red blood cells are very loose and free flowing/
Notice now there are two neutrophils, one of the top left corner and one of the bottom right
corner that are closer to normal size.This is absolutely amazing!

Researchers and health care workers can see these changes in three or four months on a strict health regimen but it is amazing to see this happen in five minutes. There is definitely
something physiologic happening here. And again, the red cells are free flowing so they can
get through the tiniest of blood vessels in the eye, in the brain, in the ear, in the foot, the
gut, anywhere, and provide more normal function. The red blood cells carry oxygen through
their hemoglobin and you can see actually that the red blood cells look like plums, the way
they are supposed to look, not like sick, unhealthy donuts. The white blood cells are four
times as big, the red blood cells are loose and free flowing. Frankly, it almost looks like
somebody else blood – totally different – but indeed it is the same persons.

Results may not be typical and can vary. How fast and effective benefits occur are often
determined by an individual’s genetics, personal health and lifestyle.

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This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product
is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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  1. too bad no one answered the post on june 23. I am/was looking at this to help a friend with lyme.
    quess i’ll look somewhere else.

  2. I just took Prodovite for the first time yesterday and started at 1/4 capful. I felt “off” all day and just not good. I have chronic Lyme disease and just got a diagnosis. I have had digestive issues and back, neck and head pain for years. Should I keep taking the prodovite? Will those feelings go away? Should I start even slower?

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