Invisible: Poem by Karen Smith

10310527_404457583051012_634995502107098433_nA Poem by Australian Lyme Patient Karen Smith:


Invisible really is not all it’s cracked up to be
It is dark and painful, lonely and bleak
It is the realisation that you must constantly fight
If there is any chance to be reunited with the light

Invisible is the desire
To live without pain and to return to a normal life
To be able to work, drive, listen to music or dance
Where the simple act of catching up with friends,
doesn’t come with the ‘payback’ of a few days in bed
It is the dreams to participate once again in life, to live to the fullest, not simply exist

Invisible is the longing
For the understanding of family and friends
To know that they truly remember who we were before illness
That they believe we are doing our very best to return to that life
To know that we are still loved and respected for the people we have always been,
and not judged by the illness that has consumed our body

Invisible is the despair
That one day you might not keep finding a reason, or the strength to continue on
It is the midnight tears, and the questioning of ‘who am I” now
It is wondering will this pain ever end, will these voices ever cease,
and will I ever find ‘ME’ again

Invisible is the cloak we wear
The smile on our face, and our light-hearted jokes
Are veils and armour that hide the pain and heartache
Look into our eyes and you will see
Invisible is a place, you don’t ever want to be

Help us bring invisible into the light
So that no others have to suffer and fight
Tell our stories, believe our plight
Stand up with us and say, enough of the suffering – this just isn’t right

Karen Smith has been a Lyme activist for several years.  Please stop by her websites and learn more about what she does.

Lyme Australia Recognition and Awareness

Lyme Australia and Friends (Facebook Support Group)

Global Lyme and Invisible Illness Organisation

Right now Karen is in a contest which she could win $10,000 towards her Lyme Foundation and $1,000 toward her own Lyme treatment. You could help support Karen by clicking HERE to vote.


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