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Iowa Friends: Save the Date for Under our Skin Showing!

emergence showing in iowaIOWA’S BettyG  will be showing 2014’s EMERGENCE, part 2 of UNDER OUR SKIN, 1 hr. lyme documentary with question/answer session afterwards.
You’re all INVITED to attend; for those living in Ames, IOWA area, please share this news with your local lyme support groups ok 😉
If you plan on ATTENDING,  please contact me at the mdjunction LYME DISEASE site below by joining free and sending me a PRIVATE MESSAGE so I can get a count of people as I plan on having handouts;  don’t want to run out of things 😉   huge thanks ….
Sat., June 13, from 2-4 pm
Ames, Iowa public library, auditorium; handicapped accessible
515 Douglas Ave, Ames — off 6th St./Duff Ave., downtown Ames;
use 13th St. to avoid the many trains on S. Duff blocking traffic 😉
This is a followup on their original almost 2 hr. documentary giving us updates on all involved in the 1st showing.
You can watch FREE on hulu web site the entire 1st one, UNDER OUR SKIN, UOS. It’s out on other sites, but NOT complete showing. I recommend you watch UOS first before watching the one I will be showing June 13th. It will make more sense to you all.
I’ve talked to over 85,000 online in 11 yrs. helping to SAVE their lives giving out the names of ILADS, INTL. LYME AND ASSOCIATED DISEASE SOCIETY, lyme literate drs, LLMD,. names who treat us LONGER than 1 month of antibiotics, supplements, and/or alternative therapies, and factual info/sites of our ILADS treatment guidelines.
You can find me online at below site;  I’m Bettyg:
I’ll help you too at my convenience since my days/nights are just the opposite of NORMAL folks; this has been for almost 2 decades!! uffda
46 yrs. chronic lyme patient
35 yrs. MISDIAGNOSED by 40-50 drs; UNACCEPTABLE!

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