Is it Safe to Vaccinate when you have Lyme Disease?

Disclaimer: We are not heath care providers or professionals. We are just writing this post as a Lyme patient trying to find the answers ourselves. This page will present anything we can find from health care professionals sharing their opinions on how safe it is to vaccinate when you have Lyme disease. Please share your opinions and experiences in the comments below.

Opinion from Dr Elena Frid

Dr. Elena Frid interviewed by Piscopo In The Morning AM 970.  They discuss vaccinations, Lyme Disease and how Vaccinations affect Lyme patients.

Opinion of Dr Rau 

Dr. Rau reveals how vaccines threaten human health in, “Lyme disease symptoms fueled by vaccines.”

Opinion of Dr Marty Ross, MD

“It is not always a good idea to get the flu vaccine in Lyme disease. In this video and written article I describe the risks and benefits of getting the vaccine so you can make the best choice for your health. I also describe treatment alternatives at the first sign of the flu.”

The Treat Lyme book Website

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