lyme debate

Is the the Controversy behind Lyme Disease important to talk about?

lyme debate

The Debate about the Lyme Disease Conspiracy

Is the controversy behind Lyme disease important to talk about? Is it necessary to expose the government’s involvement in Lyme, to be able to move forward?  Is it possible to heal knowing those responsible for causing this great illness to so many, go unpunished? Are we to rely on karma or God or the universe to eventually make things right? Fair? Is there justice in this Lyme disease world? Will there ever be?

You will often hear these discussions among Lyme patient. In fact you will hear this discussion in many chronic illness groups such a ME/CFS, Gulf War Syndrome, Mycoplasma, Morgellons and most chronic illness groups.

Some people will roll their eyes and mumble, “conspiracy theorists” under their breaths and pay no more attention. But, those of us who are very ill, have sought out answers. We have found papers and articles and watched videos of whistle blowers who have come forward. How do those of us who “know” sleep at night knowing that these corrupt individuals are getting away with it while we just suffer, and they continue to profit off of our illnesses?

Is it necessary in healing to, “let go, and move forward?” Can we heal without justice? Do we jsut bring negative attention to ourselves and make the Lyme cause seem even “crazier.” 

I am not going to pretend to know the answers to any of these questions. I am just going to present some of the research and articles that I have found, with the intention to educate and open one’s mind to the possibility that things are just not what we through they were. I would like to get a discussion going on this subject and be open to hearing all opinions. Please tell us your feelings below in the comment section.

Is Lyme Disease a Cover Up?

Please feel free to share other articles, videos or research you have found regarding this subject in the comments below and we will add it to our list. Thank you!

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