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Jack Gordon

jackJack Gordon

Oct 3, 1937 – Nov 13, 2014

Jack Hugh Gordon, 77, husband of Betty Gordon, died Nov. 13, 2014 at Story County Medical Center’s long term care unit in Nevada, Iowa. A celebration of life memorial service will be 2:00 p.m. Wednesday November 19th at Grandon Funeral and Cremation Care, 414 Lincoln Way in Ames, with a gathering of friends and family one hour before the service. A luncheon will follow.

He was born Oct. 3, 1937 in Mason City, Iowa to Hughie Lonzo and Helen Rosaline (Penny) Gordon.
He was raised in Boone, Iowa graduating in 1956 from Boone HS.
He married Sharon Peterson on March 8, 1958 Marion Street United Methodist Church, Boone.

To this marriage were born 3 children in Boone: Tammy Jo, Ricky Dean, and Kimberly Sue Gordon. They were divorced in 1968.

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Note: Jack’s wife Betty G who is a long time Iowa Lyme activist  pushed to get an autopsy and results from him brain biopsies. This is what it showed:

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7 thoughts on “Jack Gordon”

  1. I see you that MD deleted both of my detailed Pults about Jack’s death, tips on arranging brain autopsies, etc.

    What a slap in the face that is because I spent 6 to 12 hours daily there helping others in an unpaid volunteer status and this is how they treat me.

    Shame on him DR. under Roy.

    In fact the majority of all My 46,000+ post there a detailed articles have been deleted entirely.

  2. Hi Betty,

    I just found your story on the Dr. Paul H. Duray Research Fellowship Endowment website and am sorry to hear about your loss. I am reaching out to you because I live in Cedar Rapids and I feel like you are one of few that first hand know the connection between dementia and spirochetal bacteria. My 63 year old dad was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Aphasia in 2011, which is a form of Fronto-Temporal Dementia. He has lost his whole ability to communicate, his comprehension is 70% gone and no one has answers. When he was diagnosed, we were lucky enough to get him in a study group at the Mayo clinic so they ran just about every test you could think of, including a Lyme test (which did show positive). The bad news is that we walked away from the Mayo Clinic with no answers. A few years later his older sister by a few years was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Aphasia as well and she too, went to the Mayo Clinic for testing. Once again, no answers. They were only interested in genetic testing. I continued searching for answers and came across Dr. MacDonald and his work. The light went on when I saw his research on Glioblastoma patients because one of my dad’s other sister’s died of Glioblastoma at the age of 58! WOW!! I don’t believe what my dad has is some genetic mishap, I believe it is bacterial or viral and would love to talk to you about how you got Dr. MacDonald do to an brain autopsy on your husbands brain. Please reach out to me at or my cell (Atlanta area code) 404-617-9745.


    Shanna Kirsch

    1. I meant that he did not test positive for Lyme, which is no surprise considering how hard it is to test accurately and read the test accurately.

  3. Betty, your hubby Jack Gordon was a very nice looking young man i.e. ‘hottie’…. and am sure a real gentle ‘man’ and love of your life. Cherish his life in the beautiful memories you have of your time together as husband and wife. Hold him in your heart so near and dear and look forward to the day when you both are re united by the almighty Hands of our God, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Sending big (((hugs))) and love, Linda E.

  4. Lisa, thank you for posting Jack’s obituary and my 2 links of his brain autopsy results & tips for having a brain autopsy done.

    I enjoyed Tom Grier’s detailed lewy body dementia article & so many good photos so we could learn more.

    thanks my friend,

    bettyg, iowa activist

  5. Lisa, thank you for publishing Jack’s obituary and most informative article from Tom Grier on LEWY BODY DEMENTIA !!

    I learned a lot thru it.

    Still fighting to try to get Jack’s death certificate AMENDED showing what his brain autopsy showed & getting Jack added to IOWA’S CDC LYME STATISTICS!!

    Wish me luck!! they are as stubborn as I am 😉 ha

    Iowa lyme activist

    thanks for adding notify me of followups 😉 testing it right now per your request.

    1. LISA, hoping to ADD to our existing lyme/lewy body dementia/ and now BARTONELLA, 2 species story.

      Some of this may be repeated above as I typed this for another friend bringing them up to date 😉

      Jack’s brain autopsy slides can be viewed on the Duray Research Foundation site here:

      At the bottom of all the links on this 1 link is OUR story of my misdiagnosed Lyme disease also of 35 years leading up to Jack’s health conditions/diseases.

      Tom Grier, Minn. microbiologist, now executor of Duray Research Foundation, gave a 1.37 hr. video presentation on BRAIN AUTOPSIES of those in Midwest in Sept. 2016:

      Lewy body dementia, MS, Lyme disease, Alzheimer’s, and glioblastoma cancer

      then click on Thomas Grier presentation to hear this.

      After he’s done with q/a, I get up and speak 7 minutes, found after 1.29 hr., from the heart as a Lewy body dementia/Lyme widow and what it meant to me have PEACE of mind knowing what Jack had vs. what the drs. said he had.

      I took those 7 minutes editing it down to 5 minutes to enter into the neurology annual contest educating the public, etc.

      Worked so hard/long on this submitting it to the person responsible for receiving the videos.

      Then the person who filmed Tom’s talk who edited it for me DELETED it from u-tube since I said I sent it to the person in charge.

      MURPHY’S LAW AGAIN: she did NOT see it in her inbox so by the time she looked 3-4 MONTHS later, the u-tube was deleted!!! So all our work was down the tubes with a simple, “I’m sorry”! grrrr.

      He was diagnosed with lung/liver cancer 2 NIGHTS before he died!!

      I’m trying to get his death certificate amended to what the brain autopsy shows & tell about the fighting to get it done!

      Also trying to get Jack added to Iowa’s CDC Lyme statistics and what I need to do to get that done which goes back to amended death certificate!

      This is in my 3rd year battling to get all these results and now to have my lawyer nephew set up a date to see a JUDGE for a court order to amend Jack’s death certificate & add him to IOWA’S LYME CDC statistics!!!

      We fight for their care, proper diagnosis and treatment while they are alive; some like me, fight still afterwards to get the injustices CORRECTED!!

      I would love to talk to you Susan, (Robin Williams widow) 1 Lewy body dementia widow to another if you would be so kind to do so.

      We are both FIGHTERS; we had no choice with the hand dealt to us both. It is what it is.

      We go on and become vocal activists for these diseases to help others AVOID going thru everything we personally endured during their lifetimes.

      UPDATE to add to the below!!

      last fall, jacks 2nd brain autopsy was done by dr. marna erikson, univ. of minn., and they found 2nd TB disease: 2 species of BARTONELLA!!

      .. cat scratch disease
      .. other one deals with lice/homelessness which i can’t figure out how that would have affected my Jack!!

      MARNA suggested i get my blood tested too. so i had 3 separate blood tests done every other day and sent to galaxy lab, no. 1 bart. lab in usa in NC.

      2 months ago, results came back: I’M POSITIVE ON BOTH ALSO!!!

      so does that mean that i’ve had bart for 49 yrs. this xmas too? i will never know!!!

      i saw a local IDSA dr. who was kind enough to order these tests be done by galaxy lab in nc. he would NOT have ordered these particular tests for me since he’s idsa, but he HONORED my request to do this!

      unfortunately murphy’s law happened again to me and my faxed results laid on his desk for 5 weeks buried until i called galaxy asking where they were.

      he called me personally apologizing saying this was 1st time any results have been mislaid/buried; he meant it…i could hear it in his voice!

      so i gave him usa’s no. 1 bart dr. bob moyazani, sp, i can NEVER remember how to spell his name!! NOT taking time to look it up.

      they have talked briefly once. he WILL call him again to discuss what treatment often dr. bob recommends.

      last week my local idsa dr’s rn called me; they will talk 1 on 1 but both their schedules have been booked full, but she/local dr. ARE working on this as local dr. will be QUITTING practice mid august to go to penn. to be a TEACHER!!

      so still in the future, marna will be working on SUBMITTING/PUBLISHING jack’s worldwide history-making news of him having lewy body dementia, lyme disease, bartonella, and their finding a cluster of filarial nematode parasitic worms that also had LYME inside of them!!

      dr. alan macdonald was going to write his part for submitting for publication but got sick and was unable to do this. that’s why i pursued this with univ. of minn. since marna got her OWN son’s tb disease PUBLISHED and presented at the minn. lda conf. i went to 2 yrs. ago.

      it’s on my agenda to get my nephew/lawyer to set up a date for JUDGE’S meeting for a court order to AMEND jack’s death certificate to everything they have found to date that CONTRIBUTED TO HIS DEATH that iowa’s health director, dr. patty quinlisk, said SHOULD be on his death certificate!!!

      THEN getting this court order also to ADD jack’s having lyme disease to IOWA’S state’s CDC lyme statistics!

      amending his death certificate and adding jack to iowa’s cdc lyme statistics have been my no. 1 GOAL since dr. alan macdonald called me 11.22.2015.

      i am presently recouping from my 2nd right knee replacement surgery redone after 2.5 yrs. on 1st one due to FALLS i’ve had causing the new part to GO DOWN MY LEG!!

      I’VE HAD COMPLICATIONS GALORE and figure lyme/bart are major contributors.

      my new knee has had a high fever, swollen, and red since my 6-13 surgery. my other 2 knee/hip operations were the same way.

      i’ve had 2 ultrasounds done to eliminate BLOOD CLOTS from this knee surgery.

      twice they took fluids from this knee area; SO painful of the huge needle going in and being moved around.

      most INFECTIOUS blood tests show NO infections, but still so many more ABNORMAL things showing up.

      they still talk about another surgery to REMOVE new knee, put a spacer in, take abx for 2-4 months until ALL INFECTIONS ARE GONE, and then replace the new knee!!

      last week surgeon required me to go to iowa city ER since i had surgery there to check on this possible blood clot!

      what a horrible adventure! WAITING TIME in er is 8-11 hrs. until you are seen and TREATED for why you are there in this FREEZING meat-locker waiting room!!

      after my surgery, i was to have had catheter in me for 24 hrs; i pushed for 48 hrs. due to my “overactive, spastic bladder”. but IF it was in, it was removed immediately next morning.

      i had to pee, so used hospital room toilet. i had to call them every time i was ready to leave it; did. then preceded to FALL down inside this small bathroom! i don’t remember much after that.

      i lost my memory; nothing was making sense; i couldn’t speak in words; could not find any words to say what i wanted for many hrs!!

      then they put me under 24 hr. surveillance with a camera, etc.; 2 pieces of equipment in my room, which i didn’t know.

      i was to leave in 3 days but ended up being there 7 days!!

      my call light kept falling on the floor; i was hollering for help when i heard someone in my area explaining call light was on floor. NO ONE WOULD COME TO HELP ME. this went on over & over!

      next day 1 of 2 surgeons involved, gave me update on my surgery; going good. did i have any concerns. i told him what i just typed above about not getting help when i needed it.

      he didn’t like hearing that and said, i’m going to take care of that right now & DID! he talked to person across hallway that was having the same problems as me hollering for help & no one helping him.

      what a change in ATTITUDE OF STAFF!! then i was penalized having to stay 4 more days!! grrrr.

      if i had to do this again, would i go to iowa city university of health hospital for any surgery/recouping? NO WAY JOSE!

      time to go for annual eye exam.

      GOOD NEWS since this didn’t get sent before my eye exam.
      NO LYME, OR
      NO BARTONELLA showed up in my eyes.

      cataract is the same as before; no surgery yet for it; so a good appt.

      thanks lisa! you have created a wonderful site & keep bringing things up to date & passing along new info in a timely manner.

      hugs/prayers lisa,
      betty gordon
      you know, the GABBY one! LOL 😉

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