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Jennifer W’s Wish




The Situation:

We are struggling really bad financially because of medical expenses and other things. I really want to give my kids a Christmas. My size has changed in clothes and I’m not able to afford too much. One or 2 outfits is all I need, can always wash them. Normally I do not ask for help, but I really could use some. Thank you for what you do. God bless you.


  • Money for prescriptions/supplements
  • help pay for day care for my 4 kids while I am at appointments/hospitalimageedit_62_6088597036
  • socks for all of us,
  • bedding size twin and queen.
  • 6 year old REALLY wants Sofia first doll,
  • 4 year old likes spider man, bat man, Mickey Mouse, and sports,
  • have a one year old girl also. Toy instruments, toys to play house and Dr, train set, washable crayon and paper, bath toys, toddler car seat and booster seat.
  • Flash cards for learning.
  • Size 7/8 clothes
  • size 1 shoe girls,
  • size 4t clothes
  • size 11 toddler boy shoe,
  • size 12-18 months
  • size 4 toddler shoe girl.
  • Size 18 pants,
  • 2x shirt women clothes
  • 9W shoe.
  • Large Men shirt, 32×32 pants, and size 10 shoe.

How to Donate to Jennifer W:

If you would like to donate to Jennifer you can email her for her address at



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