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Jenn’s K’s Wish

imageedit_13_3441885467The Situation

It’s been 11 long years and many of you have sent art supplies in the past and we thank you so much.

This year has been especially hard having just had surgery. Before that I’ve been bedridden for almost two years due to pain and extreme fatigue. I haven’t the money this year just to cover the necessities.

So my wish is:

For my son:

  • ITunes cards
  • Pittsburgh Steelers gloves size youth large or mens small
  • size 16 slim blue or tan dress pants for church
  • size 71/2 or 8 speed skates
  • size 7 sneakers- black with some color but mainly black.

I know I am asking a lot but he’s been through so much and never asks for anything because he’s so aware of our circumstances. He is becoming such a compassionate young man.

  • For my husband and myself the most helpful thing would be prayers and gas cards.

How to donate to Jenn:

Our address is
11880 Grouse CoveyLn
Arbor Vitae, WI 54568

My phone is 262-442-2932

My Paypal is:

Thanks to everyone for just thinking of us this holiday season.

God bless us everyone!

Loving regards,
It will all be fine in the end, so if it’s not fine it’s not the end. God bless!]


6 thoughts on “Jenn’s K’s Wish”

    1. I want to thank Di for the Steelers actual real deal Not fake hat. I know you helped my mom and dad make Christmas special and you did. My mom even cried. She said I shouldn’t tell you that but her life is really tough and I was glad to see her and dad happy! I also got a roll up sled and dad and I went sledding this morning but mom had to sleep. She gets bad headaches. I don’t have email yet because I m not old enough but I hope you get this so you know you made a difference. We like to pay it forward with good deeds and you did in a way too. Thanks and I hope you aren’t sick like my mom.


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