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Jenn’s Wish

imageedit_13_3441885467Name: Jenn
Wish: In need of:

  • Gas cards for doctor’s appointments
  • Grocery cards
  • Supplements/Meds (filled @ WalMart for $115/month, 5 antibiotics) or $25/monthly each through Prescription Hope (when approved for their program) for Lyme treatment
  • Or any type of care package for daily essentials/hygienic items (toilet paper, kleenex tissue, deodorant, toothpaste,dish soap, items of that nature)

I apologize for asking. Have lost my income, and fighting for disability. Been approved for Food Stamps (one month), then took them away.


How to Donate to Jenn:

You can donate to Jenn at her Paypal

Jenn is also selling fun holiday items on a Facebook Auction to raise money.

This is a medical fundraiser in efforts to help raise funds for needed prescriptions, medical treatment, and medical bills resulting from multiple health conditions caused by untreated late stage neurological Lyme Disease.

Order Goodies NOW for Thanksgiving or the Holidays


Chocolate with or without nuts, Peanut Butter, Vanilla w/ Pumpkin Spice –

White Chocolate w/ Cranberry & Pistachios –
$3.00 1/2 lb or $5.50/ lb

Traditional Ganache, Oreo or Cookie Dough –

Mint Meltaways:
Creamy Ganache filling w/Chocolate Mint Shell –
$10.00 /lb

Butters & Jams:

Pumpkin Butter –
$3.50/ 8 oz. Jar

Apple Butter –
$4.00/ 8 oz. Jar

Strawberry Jam, Mixed Berry Jam, Raspberry Jam, or Peach Jam –
$$4.00/ 8oz. Jar

Pies & Cheesecakes:

Pumpkin Pie –

Pecan Pie –

Turtle Cheesecake –

Fruit Topped Pumpkin –

Raspberry Swirl –

Chocolate –

Oreo –


Chocolate Chip Pumpkin –
$3.00 mini, $6.00 large

Cranberry with or w/o Toasted Walnuts –
$3.50 mini, $6.50 large

Banana with or w/o nuts –
$3.00 mini, $6.00 large


Pumpkin Spice w/ Brown Sugar-Cream Cheese Frosting –
$5.00/ doz.

Snickerdoodles –
$5.00/ doz

***3 Pickup/ Delivery Dates Available: November 15th, November 20th, and November 26th***
Shipping is also available, either USPS Standard Flat Rates or by the pound.

+++Cash ~ Paypal and Checks (on Pre-Paid Orders Only) Accepted+++

Please feel free to Contact Us with any Questions:
(219) 798-6040 or
You may call, text, or email your orders to the above

Thank you in advance for considering ordering from my fundraiser. Please feel free to share with friends and family! Your help is greatly appreciated.

Click Here To Visit Facebook Fundraiser 

Warm regards,

Jenn Robertson


Note for Potential Donors: If you donate to Jenn, please comment in the section below or contact us here so we can keep track of who has been donated to. Thank you!

Wishes Granted

1 Cash Donation on 11/25/2014

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