lyme deaths

Jenny Albrecht-Hunziker January 13, 2017

lyme deaths

Jenny Albrecht-Hunziker

January 13, 2017

We just heard of another loss in our community. Sadly we were told Jenny passed away due to Sepsis after being on antibiotics for Lyme disease, then after going to the ER and getting put on life support. As we get more information we will post it here for you once we hear from her family or friends. Please keep Jenny’s family and children in your prayers. Please leave condolences or share memories of Jenny in the comments below or visit her Facebook page.

Article about Jenny

Jennifer Ann Albrecht Hunziker dies at 40

Please share this poster or make it your profile picture in honor of Jenny. ♥

44 thoughts on “Jenny Albrecht-Hunziker January 13, 2017”

  1. 11 months have gone and I still think about you everyday. Right now I’m listening to the songs they played at your wake, and I think it’s kinda funny. It’s kinda funny because I thought you would always be here. I thought that you wouldn’t die because you were Jenny. You were fighting for around 8 years and you still found a way to get up every morning in pain, and continue like everyone else did. As I bawled my eyes out today, I always tried thinking of the positive things. You’re no longer in pain, you are looking down on all of us and you are probably laughing because you could never be serious. I love you so much Jenny and I miss you more then words can say.

  2. It has been a long, hard months without Jenny. I know shes watching over me and her family. No matter how you treated her, she would treat you better. I just wanted to write something on here because the whole 9 months and all, but because I was close with her and it feels nicr that I am able to talk about her to people that truly knew and talked to her. Thank you to the people who read this entire message and lets work together and fight like Jenny would.

  3. Jenny’s legacy will live on. It will make a impact & diffrence. When Lyme is present our bodies have difficulty in healing itself. It’s so imperative to try to keep ourselves as strong & healthy because we have nothing left of our immune systems. Septis is a deadlly blood infection &

  4. Thank you everyone for the kind words. This is Jenny’s mom and it is over 2 weeks now that my sweet daughter is gone and it doesn’t get easier! You were all important to her. She suffered so much and fought so hard. I truly thought she was going to beat this. As a fellow Lymie Jenny makes me want to fight harder. Her 9 year old told me last night she needed me so I have to do everything to be here for her. Sepsis was the final thing that took her life but Lyme did this to her. It might take me awhile but I will go after the Iowa medical board because they did this to my daughter. Nobody should feel like they don’t matter when it comes to medical care. Everyone matters!!!!!! My heart breaks right now but Jenny would want me to fight on. Again thanks. #fightlikejenny

    1. Debra, I am the admin of this website… and a fellow Lyme warrior too. I am sorry to hear that you are too. My heart goes out to you and Jenny’s daughter. I just can’t imagine your pain right now. Gentle hugs to you and I pray one day we all understand a greater purpose behind all this. For now, all our thoughts and prayers are with you and Jenny’s daughter. <3


    2. I’m so sorry for your loss. I, too, think we need to go after the Iowa Medical Board. They took the doctor I worked with for over four years , who helped me to get so much better. Then they took Dr Rosman, who was the last LLMD in the state. It’s criminal. My friend’s sister, who works at UI hospital, was just diagnosed, and they told her to find a Lyme specialist. Maybe they ought to clue in the medical board. This lady cannot afford treatment. We have to stop this. Again, my heart breaks for all of you.

    3. So sorry for you loss! Thanks for sharing. What a blessing you must be for your Grandaughter. May you find strength and healing to find the Beat of Lyme! Someday there will be healing for all of us Lymies. May you find blessings in this journey!

  5. Jenny was a true lyme warrior,she would help anyone before she would help herself,prayers for your family and friends, rest in peace warrior Jenny 💚💚💚💐🌻🌹🏵

  6. I am so sorry for your loss, may the Lord give you strength and understanding for the coming days ahead.

    1. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone whose life she touched. She is finally at peace but my heart breaks for the family. May God hold good memories of Jenny in your hearts and help you to support one another at this time and in the days ahead.

  7. This is Jenny’s daughter. She didn’t have a staf infection. She just had sepsis that has been on going and just became to extreme for antibiotics to e able to treat.

    1. Hi Morgan, I got that fixed and removed that part, and if you would like to write up a tribute for her I would be happy to add it on here. <3 Or if you have any pictures you want me to add or anything, please let me know. I am so very sorry from the bottom of my heart for you loss Morgan. Jenny is so sweet and wrote on my FB wall a lot to help others and was always so very kind.

  8. God bless your family and loved ones… You were always there for others… Even while you had your own battles to face… Sweet Lyme Warrior Angel fly free and now you are at peace… We will carry you in our hearts… 😇💚

  9. God bless this sweet Angel and Her loving family. She was always there for others.. Even through her own pain and suffering. Fly free Sweet Lyme Warrior we will carry you in our hearts… Until then 💚😇

  10. Jenny was one of the sweetest souls. Always always kind, loving and uplifting during her times of struggle with Lyme.
    Jenny, you are bery lived amd will be missed dearly!
    Go fly high, your struggles here are now over!
    Much love and respect.
    My deepest sympathies and condolences to all of the family and friends.
    My heart and prayers go out to you all.

  11. This is so heartbreaking Lisa she was a sweet soul on facebook, she will be sorely missed, condolences to the family.. R.I.P.

  12. My deepest condolences to Jenny’s family. Thank you for raising Lyme Disease awareness, Jenny. What a tragic loss this is for us all. May you Rest In Peace. You will never be forgotten, my Lyme Warrior friend! 💚

  13. awww so so sad what a beautiful woman she was
    im heartbroken for her and her family

    she was a true warrior

    when will the true be seen

    we are all septic once at late stage

    you will be missed amazing beautiful lady

    rip xxoxoox

  14. My deepest condolences from a Toronto Lyme fighter — on behalf of my son and the millions suffering. I’m so sorry that Jenny lost the battle with this hideous debilitating disease. My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time 💚

  15. My heart is sadened by the loss of this beautiful Lyme warrior…My prayers go out to the family and love ones.

  16. My Heart is broken 💚💚💚 Jenny was a fighter and my Sissy. I will continue to pray for her husband, children , mother, siblings, and friends. She had a special heart. You couldn’t help but Love her. She will be missed . I know she’s pain free. And we’ll meet again.Gods kingdom has a new angel With heavy tears

  17. Jenny’s ability to fight infection was compromised by Lyme. She fight so hard for herself and her 3 children with congenital Lyme. She gave the biggest hugs and enjoyed any moment she could to the fullest.

  18. So heartbreaking, May she be at peace and I pray for her friends and family to find comfort in God’s embrace. She was way too young. A beautiful soul and one we’ll never forget. 🙁

  19. Many tears. My deepest sympathies. Bless her beautiful soul and prayers for her family. RIP sweet Jennifer. From your fellow Lyme warrior in Texas. 💚😓

  20. OH. This is difficult. Such a sweet woman and with the little ones! My sympathy and blessings to Jenny’s family.

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