Jeremy “Jake” Nodolf

lyme memorial Jeremy “Jake” Nodolf

From Jake’s Obituary:

“Jeremy “Jake” Andrew Nodolf, 37, from Clintonville, WI, finally found peace March 12, 2016 after a long battle with the unrelenting painful and debilitating effects of undiagnosed and untreated Lyme Disease.”

He loved nature, was an Eagle Scout, loved skiing and basketball.

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9 thoughts on “Jeremy “Jake” Nodolf”

  1. I am a Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever survivor and I struggle each day. .I am so saddened by another loss from this wicked illness. I pray for awarness I pray for justice I pray for this family. Rest In Peace ♡

  2. I am the mother of a 24 year old son who is suffering horribly from Lyme. This is heartbreaking. My prayers for this family. May he rest in peace.

  3. So sorry to hear of your loss…there are no words anyone can say to ease your pain. As a lymie this hits to close to my home. We need each other to fight so this stops happening. Prayers for you. Shalom

  4. i’m so sorry you had to go through this horrible disease in a time when there is such limited help….I didn’t know you..but i know the struggle. Leave the pain behind and RIP …i am sorry to the family and friends. From Victoria BC Canada

  5. I hope you are at peace now, I’m so sorry you had to endure the pain this horrific disease causes.

  6. RIP. Your struggle will never be forgotten by all who will fight to advocate for others who went what you went through. My prayers for the family and friends of Jeremy.

  7. May Jeremy be with in The Fields of Heaven.. No more pain and in pure peace.. Praying for family and friends.. From a Fellow Lyme Disease Sufferer in TX.

    1. Jeremy’s family,

      My heartfelt sympathy to you all; what a handsome son you had.

      I didn’t know him either; just reading about him now.

      May God comfort you all now and in days, months, and years ahead.

      My husband died 16 months ago; his brain autopsy confirmed 1 of 2 illnesses I thought he had.

      Results were worldwide news:

      neuro borreliosis and lewy body dementia.

      he’s being written up in scientific medical journal to be published in future.


      betty, iowa activist

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