Jerry Carrington


Jerry Carrington

My husband for almost 30 years fought a long battle with Lyme Disease, co-infections and other health issues. He was officially diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2009 but we believe it was long before then when he became infected and became sick. Jerry was always outdoors, either on his tractor working around home, clearing fields, walking in the woods or preparing his hunting plots. So, when he became infected is not clear. Jerry loved anything outdoors, especially all aspects of hunting, which was mostly a year round job or enjoyment. He was always trying to instill his knowledge to friends and family along the way. He also reminded everyone to always be careful, check for ticks and get treated immediately if infected. He suffered daily and never wanted family to go through the pain and struggles.

Jerry was also a very respected softball and baseball coach. He even helped to coach his youngest daughter to an outstanding softball record of 91-1 over several years. During those years, he worked third shift on his job and gave up many hours of sleep to help coach softball and baseball teams.

Jerry became an instant father when he married into our family of three children and tried his best to be a good Dad and help them along the way. He loved all seven grandchildren and wanted to help teach the children and grandchildren about baseball, softball, basketball, hunting and fishing.

He also had many friends and other family members who cherished the years with him and he will always be remembered and respected as an outstanding Husband, Dad, Son, Grandson, Friend and Brother.

We lost Jerry June 25, 2012 to complications of this horrible disease and we all still miss his love and sweet spirit today.

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