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JessicaandCindiThe Situation:

Jessica woke up for school on February 1, 2011 and life has never been the same. She was misdiagnosed and mismanaged until 08/12 when she received her Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia diagnoses. Upon taking antibiotics she quickly lost neurological and muscle function to where she was bedbound. Treatment has always made her worse. She finished 9th grade, but never finished 10th grade home school. She will someday have to get her GED and go on to college.

She has spent Sweet 16, Sweet 17, and now Sweet 18 in bed. And when I say bed, I mean bedbound. She can’t even go to the bathroom herself. She has been in and out of several hospitals: Upstate Medical University, Boston Children’s, Philadelphia Children’s. This latest hospitalization (6 weeks) was the worst. Jessica was getting her 5th Immunoglobulin treatment and developed Aseptic Meningitis. Her neurologist suggested a spinal tap which was performed on 4/15/14. This left her with a severe headache, spinal pain and the inability to move her neck (it is twisted to the right) and right arm. She is still lying flat in bed. Being unable to sit up, the chronic pain, clonic movements and paralysis, make it impossible to travel to her Drs who are 6 hrs away in Conneticut.

The Good News? We have her on a natural protocol in the hope that her spine can heal as more of the Tick Born Disease Dies inside of her. If there was one thing that I would like you to know about Jessica, it would be this: She never loses hope and believes that God chose her to fight this battle and one day He will make her functional again!

She humbly asks for the following wishes:

Gift cards:

Young Living Essential oil gif cards
Apple (she is saving for a Ipad!)
Etsy (she is obsessed with organic cotton candy and dog and cat treats)
Wegmans Grocery Store
Trader Joe’s
Greenwood Herbals – 207-793-3553
8 oz bottle of Herxheimer drops
Visa Gift Card (for insurance deductibles or co-pays)
Living Streams Mission Gift Card

How to Donate to Jessica:

To make a donation or mail out supplements or gift cards you can email Cindi for Jessica’s address Email:  

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Wishes Granted so Far

11/21/2014 Cash donation


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