Join in the, “Be Kind for Lyme” Campaign!


Join the #bekindforlyme Movement!

Sharing stories of kindness, while spreading Lyme Awareness.

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This is how it’s done:

 1. Perform a random act of kindness or tap into a story you may already have.

2. Go to the Be Kind for Lyme; FB, twitter or YouTube page and post your story – video/pic/story…

 3. Tag or invite 3 friends to join in and challenge them with a “3day / 3tag” timeframe to do the same. If they cannot complete this challenge within 3 days, they must donate to one of the Lyme non-profit orgs listed on the FB page.

4. Donations can be any amount but prefer $10 and up.

5. This is supposed to be fun and a way to create a kinder community with understanding of Lyme Disease, so give it a whirl!

Thank you to Mary Ann Mazzarella and Holly Roesing for putting together this campaign!


Videos done for “Be Kind For Lyme”

Click Here to Visit our YouTube Channel!

Holly’s Video

Pet Adoption Video
Feeding the Homeless
Kind Acts to Animals
ALS Patient Declares she has Lyme too
Be Nice to the Elderly
Bringing Awareness
There’s a lot  more videos!

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