lyme death

Julia Lauren Besner

lyme death

Julia Lauren Besner

January 23, 1985 – April 11, 2015
We are so sad to hear about the passing of Julia. She was so loved in the Lyme community and certainly loved by her family. Please look in the comments below. Julia was so loved and her family and friends left the best tributes to her that are so heart touching.

Melody Besner’s words: (Julia’s Mom)

Julia passed away suddenly, in her sleep, last year, April 2015. It gives us peace to know that during the past six years of her life, she was the healthiest, strongest, most vibrant and the  happiest ever! Her official cause of death on her death certificate was Lyme Disease. Continue Reading Here

From her Twitter:

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Here is Julia’s Lyme Journey in her own words.

“I started to develop very strange symptoms. I began having panic attacks before going into ny class. My kidneys were throbbing. I could feel my stomach aching from my back, and my eet began to vibrate every morning. Such random and strange symptoms that my family thought I was making it up to skip classes, but I loved school!

I ended up needing to move back into my parents’ house and then they finally grasped how sick I actually was. I was having chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, migraine headaches, severe pain in the back of my neck, severe reproductive organ pain, vertigo, nausea, cognitive issues, insomnia, panic attacks, hot and cold flashes, and other “brain and gut problems.” After seeing so many doctors that I lost count, the main consensus was it was all in my head, that I was making this up, and there must be some psychological reason behind these crazy manifestations. But my mother knew me better.

I loved school, and I loved having a social life. I went from being a social butterfly to not being able to get out of bed for weeks. Luckily my family refused to give up on me. After hours upon hours of research and contacts, a pelvic pain specialist in California randomly said, “Have her tested for Lyme disease; a lot of my patients that present like this end up testing positive.”

Sure enough, I tested highly positive on an IGG & IGM test, even according to CDC standards. Then, the next challenge…finding a doctor that knew how to treat chronic Lyme, and would treat me, as it presented a risk of being targeted by the government. Even the most prestigious doctors and hospitals in the country said there was nothing they could do for me.

My family would not accept this! I never thought I’d be traveling the globe to go and sit in doctors’ offices or lay in hospital beds. I did two solid years of IV antibiotics through a PICC line with my symptoms just getting worse and worse. I also had a closet full of prescriptions and bags of meds by my bed, and I was still bed ridden. This just killed my family. I was back to needing my parents help to do almost everything. Things had gotten so severe that when coming off of IV antibiotics and onto orals and injectable penicillin I started having seizures.

I couldn’t drive, couldn’t sleep, and couldn’t eat. I lost all of my friends and definitely lost anything remotely close to a normal life. It was very depressing, to say the least! I was so consumed by pain that I couldn’t see outside the box, but my father could. He knew that all these antibiotics, pain medicines, muscle relaxers, antivirals, etc. were all making my body highly toxic. I’d never get better if I didn’t change my treatment philosophy and do something to detox.

That’s when he started his quest to find natural ways to detox and help with pain. He traveled all the way to China, just for me. It turned out, he was a genius. He discovered that infrared energy offers numerous health benefits along with pain relief and detox. He invented products to harness infrared heat, generate negative ions, and shield harmful EMFs, all in comfortable heating pads to use on areas of the body that are in pain. He also developed a portable, affordable infrared sauna to detox, kill parasites and bacteria, and suppress viral loads, while enhancing the immune system. I began to use infrared and slowly stopped all prescription medications.” Keep Reading Julia Story Here (Scroll part way down the page until you see Julia’s picture and story.


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  1. This is for Julia Besner, who I feel lives on and will know this post. I did not get to read your Hippocrates story until today. I knew Therasage was started for you by your parents, but did not see your very strong and very touching self thoughts of a true warrior.
    I am sad have tears because as I read your article, I feel behind it a young woman trying to explain a high overview of the terrible suffering and the joy of regaining a semblance of her previous life.

    My daughter suffers from Lyme, undiagnosed, pain suffering beyond. Yes, much the same. But, Julia Lauren, I am blessed for my Julia Lynn to still be alive, however long that will be. My Jewels uses the infrared pads constantly, so many thanks to your dearest parents, but sadly because of your Lyme we have these to help so much.

    When I read your story, I can sense the depth and understand much of what you post. My heart goes out to you so much to have won the battle to feel better but in the end to be called upon to serve as an angel. How can one say all the years of pain of every kind, the attacks, the loss of all friends and life as one knows it.

    I wish your life in heaven and beyond to be the most glorious ever. MOST GLORIOUS. May your Mom, and Dad, and brother see signs from you visiting them. I believe you do this often and pray they see or hear them. My deepest heartfelt expressions there are no words for… very deeply sorry you didnt get the chance to live your life. Such a kind, young and good person from what I read, you will be remembered and loved daily,
    always, by so many.

    1. Dear Rebecca
      Thank you for such beautiful words and heartfelt emotion. Thank you for taking the time to read Julia’s story and reach out. You captured it all – her essence – her struggle -her beautiful heart – her joy and passion in the ability to work and make a difference in others lives! We were so blessed to be together every day at Therasage and witness her new appreciation of living a normal life and incredible mission in service to the Lyme community – if only for a short time. Julia sends messages all the time that we are so grateful to receive. Bless you and Julia Lynn and embrace every moment together. You have touched my heart and soul. With 💕 love
      Melody and Robby and Joey and
      of course our angel Julia 👼

  2. Julia was the love of my life and the best friend I ever had. To know Julia was to know love and the human spirit in it’s most beautiful form. Her smile and amazing laugh would always melt any heart. She educated so many people about Lyme and wanted no person to suffer the way she did. She tried to bring the reality and severity of Lyme into light. In spite of the pain she felt far too often, she spread absolute positivity and lived life to it’s entirety. Julia taught me more about love and happiness in 5 years than I ever learned in 20 plus years before we met. She never took a moment of joy for granted. She made everyone who knew her, especially her mother Melody, father Robby and brother Joey, so incredibly proud by beating her disease on a daily basis. She remains the most constant, brightest light of my life. Absolutely beautiful in body, mind and soul, Julia is an angel to all who love her. And we are blessed to love her. Until we meet again I will try to follow in her foot steps by never taking anything or anyone for granted. I love you always, forever Julia Lauren.
    William Murphy

  3. Truly another sign from the universe…to see this today!! As it says by her picture above…Don’t Give Up!!
    She never did and now its my mission….as she told me…”Stay Gold” Don’t you F—ing Give Up!! Ok Jules!!!
    We will continue your mission to raise awareness, and help as many people as we can!!
    Love!! Love!! Love!!

    1. Hi Melody, this is Lisa, the admin of this site. I want to tell you how truly sorry I am for your loss. Sounds ilke Julia was an amazing person by all the thing shes posted, by all she helped and by the comments here. I am glad you found this as sometimes we have now way to contact the families, but this is exactly why we do this Lyme memorial. All these warriors such as Julia must be remember for the true heroes they are. xoxoxo And it’s great when the family can see how much their loved ones touch those around them by reading the comments people leave. <3 Bless you all.


      1. Thank you so much for honoring Julia and your kind words!
        My husband I were truly touched!!
        What you have created here is a blessing for so many people on every level!!
        Thank you for creating this amazing website with such an abundance of great information!!
        Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you with this effort and assist others
        navigate this treacherous road!! Love and Light, Melody

  4. Julia was an inspiration to us all. She was the reason we started Therasage and now has become her legacy. Through her dedication and energy to help anyone she came in contact with, our inventions and applications have helped many health challenged people around the globe. She embodies every step we take and her loving touch is felt by all that knew her

    Thank you all for honoring Julia, and know there is hope, and there is a way home. Don’t give in

    Reach out to me, we will help any way we can

  5. I was shocked to hear of Julia’s passing. We had been connected through a mutual friend in Massachusetts. I ran into him at the hospital while I was in a wheelchair. I told him that I was suffering with Lyme Disease and he told me about Julia. We talked and texted on the phone from December to April. It was nice to have someone in a similar boat, that had been where I had been. I didn’t know many people with Lyme Disease, especially someone who had tried so many things as Julia. Who had struggled just as much as I had, and was the same young age as me. At that point I was home and bedbound. The only means to communicate with others was the phone and computer. If I had the energy to do even that. It was nice to talk and text with her, she was a very kind, loving soul. She gave me a lot of hope, she continued to fight, she went to work every day and did what she could to help others and herself. I’m grateful that we were able to be a part of each others lives, even for that short period of time. There was about 2 years of my life where I just couldn’t bare to go on. I truly believe if it wasn’t for the few people in my life at that time, I wouldn’t be here now. Julia was one of those people. I am now doing better than I have in a long time. I still have difficult days, but rarely am I in bed all day. I not only have Hope, but Faith and Trust. Emotionally and Spiritually I feel well. The Physical part is a work in progress. I will continue this fight for Julia, and the countless others that are no longer able to fight. I will still draw strength from them; their memory lives on. I am so sorry to Julia’s family. I will continue to pray for you. As well as the many friends of Julia. She left a legacy, I will always remember our conversations and she will never be forgotten <3.

  6. I am so sorry at the loss of another Lyme sufferer-so young-I could cry-Suffered 28yrs and cannot believe the ignorance of NHS doctors. RIP Julia

  7. So sorry for your loss! The family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers! May she rest in peace and there be no more pain and suffering! All of us with Lyme disease fight harder and harder every single day to make it through… it doesn’t mean she gave up… it doesn’t mean she was weak… it means it was her time to no longer suffer and be with the man upstairs!! Her story will encourage and inspire many lives! Sending positive energy for the toughest of moments for this family!

  8. To the Family and friends of Julia.
    So was a true Warrior and and inspiration to all. She is at peace now and Angel. No more suffering.
    I will continue to pray for her family!

  9. I will fight on because of people like you Julia and many others that face the same fate. RIP and no more suffering and pain for you now that the Angels of heaven have you in their arms..

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