July 2014 Lyme News, Teleconferences, Radio Interviews and More

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Uniontown Herald Standard
In this photo from May, an informational card about ticks distributed by the Maine Medical Center Research Institute is shown in the woods in Freeport, Maine. Maine officials say ticks are back with a vengeance, meaning tick-borne illnesses like Lyme …
Fox News
A vector-borne illness is one which is spread to humans through a vector, such as an insect or arachnid, carrying the disease. In the case of Lyme disease, the vector is a tick. More precisely, the illness is spread through the bite of a black-legged …
Sentinel and Enterprise
“Hello Dr. B, this is Dr. Ed from the ED. I wish you would help me with a case of hepatitis. This patient has been sick for a week with fatigue, general body aches, and fever. I did some blood work and I am most concerned about the liver test which is …
Washington Post
When Loudoun declared war against the rampant spread of Lyme disease in 2012, a dispute quickly arose over one of the county’s tactics of choice: using a potent pesticide spray at public parks, a strategy that was intended to kill Lyme-carrying ticks …

wirt (1)Radio Interviews

Lyme Ninja Radio – Episode #1
Naturalist, Heather Perretta, describes her journey back to nature after contracting Lyme and struggling to recover and take care of three young children.

Lyme Ninja Radio – Episode #2
Lyme support group leader, Debi Collins talks about her journey to get a Lyme diagnosis and how that inspired her to start a local support group in Chittenango, NY.

Lyme Ninja Radio – Episode #3 – Dr. Sara Jernigan
For the past 17 years, Dr. Sara Jernigan has made remedies that help the body overcome lyme disease. Dr. Sara and her family personally harvests from the wild the primary herbs she uses in her neutraceuticals from over 600 acres in Kansas.

Lyme Ninja Radio – Episode #4
Part 1: Karen Smith and Lisa Hilton talk about Red Shoe Day. A day made to honor and remember those we have lost to Lyme diseaese and other invisible illnesses.
Part 2: Karen Smith and Lisa Hilton talk about their own journey through Lyme.
Part 3: In this section Karen and Lisa talk about the various challenges that the invisible illness community faces

Click Here for Lyme Light Raio with Katrina Makris

download (67)Teleconferences

Lyme Thriving Hosts Jenny Rush and Lisa Hilton welcome a group of Lyme patient speakers who share their knowledge on Rifing, Diet, Holistic Care and Cannabis

Lyme Thriving Presents Remembering who we are, despite our circumstances

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