Karen Forschner, Founder of the Lyme Disease Foundation, is in the hospital

Dear all,

Karen Forschner, Founder of the Lyme Disease Foundation, is in the hospital, if you want to send a snail mail card with well wishes for a speedy recovery, that would be nice:
Here is her address:

Karen Forschner

Waters Edge Nursing Home for Health & Rehab

111 Church St.
Middletown, ct. 06457

If it were not for the pioneering work and extensive work that Karen Forschner did in the beginning, we might not even be as far along as we are today.



One thought on “Karen Forschner, Founder of the Lyme Disease Foundation, is in the hospital”

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    Never give up your struggle with the authorities and Big Pharma, and keep digging as always ! Greetings to you all from Holland, the country that is now suffering from the plane crash in the Ukraine.

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