Karen’s Wish of Starting a Home for Homeless Lyme Friends

imageedit_13_3441885467My Christmas Wish is to Pay it Forward this Holiday Season !!!

Our house had a Puffback Fire, insurance did not pay for proper alternate housing, I got bit bydownload a Tick or a Mosquito…

My Wish is to House other Lyme People...who are basically Homeless from this Dreaded Disease …

I started a New FB group… ” Healing Lyme Angel Home “…. Hopes to Help us begin to Heal together in 1 (one) Home that is not Contaminated from Mold & Mycotoxins….

In Exchange we can Share treatments, Saunas, Oil’s etc….

I am a Disabled Nurse……from all of my Injuries!!

I Believe in Christmas Miracle’s. We can Begin to Heal Together

My wish is for Safe, Non Toxic Housing to Begin Healing one Lyme person at a time….

Thank you for all of your Support given to the Lyme Community !!!!

Have A blessed Christmas Everyone !!!!!!


In the meantime Karen doens’t have a home, and has some wishes of her own to fulfill. If you can help Karen,  here i s list of things she needs:

  •  For nowI am also in Need of Safe Housing
    (Non toxic/ Mold Free/ Emf & Chemical free)
  • Whole Food’s gift card
  • Trader Joe’s or WEGMAN’s gift card for Groceries to buy some veggies to juice with
  • Warm wool socks, fleece leggings, my feet & leg’s never warm up
  • Infrared red heating pad

My e-mail is Kap1686@aol.com please message me for my address.


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