Katherine’s Wish

imageedit_13_3441885467The Situation:

I am staying in hotel due to fire and water damage.

Bottom line……working as a teacher one week.

Too sick to work or do household chores the next week.

This was in 2001. Dx with Lyme in 2003 and started treatment in 2004.

Moved to Az in 2005.

To sick to take Angel Flight.  I was living on $500 a month.

Treatment stopped.  new LLMD in Az.

Now I’m out of funds to see her.


1. Fund to see dr g in Scottsdale

Need 1500 to $3,000

So far I have $300

2.  Ugg boots or something like them

3. Funds to get Rosie groomed (Furry friends for Rosie’s grooming)

4. Funds to get me groomed

5. Funds to get a tune up for the 93 Nissan pathfinder…. (Payson tire and automotive for tune up and or fixing the car so it does not shut itself off while driving)

Hope that is why it turns itself off while I am driving

6. Gift cards for gas and food

7. Small back tires for pride quantum q600 power chair (Southwest mobility for the small power chair wheels) 

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Katherine received 1 cash donation so far. 12/11/2014


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