Kathy Cavert

 Kathy Cavert

2/9/00  Seacastle2  (Her fiancé,  John S. Lushenko)
Kathy Cavert has passed away.
It is with great saddness and feeling of
profound loss,  beyond which I have no
words,  that I inform you, my best friend
and leader in the Lyme community
Kathy Cavert passed away at 6:50 this morning,
February 8, 2000 in Independence Missouri.

Kathy Cavert had been suffering from late Lyme disease
for many years.  Sunday night she entered the hospital
emergency room fighting severe pain. On Monday,
February 7, her condition declined and she became
delirious. She was placed on a ventilator and and then
slipped into unconciousess. On Tuesday Kathy Cavert
passed away with her fiance, John, at her side.

Kathy Cavert was the founder of the Midwest Lyme Disease
Assoication and publisher of LymeAide, a publication devoted
to helping victims of Lyme disease. Kathy worked tirelessly
helping thousands of victims with Lyme disease. She recieved
countless calls from people needing help and she was always
there for them answering their questions and mailing them
information on Lyme disease. Every caller received information
from deep inside her heart. She cared deeply about helping
people and wanted to further the understanding of the seriousness
of Lyme disease.

I will be speaking with Kathy’s fiance and family regarding planned
services and either I or someone else will provide you with more

Kathy Cavert was my best friend and we shared years together
supporting each other through very difficult times with Lyme disease.
This world will not be the same without you. I will miss you very very
much Kathy. Life will be harder without you.

Your friend always,
John S. Lushenko


This Lyme Quilt square was made by Christina Murphy in honor of Kathy Cavert. To learn more about the Lyme Quilt click here.


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