Katie Couric Asking for Your Lyme Story!

In the past Katie has expressed some interest in Lyme Disease stories. Now she is asking for you stories.

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What a statement it would make to fill her audience with Lyme patients also, make sure to Facebook her or tweet Katie and ask her to fill her audience with Lyme Patients!

(Thanks Paul Mall for the great idea!)

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5 thoughts on “Katie Couric Asking for Your Lyme Story!”

  1. I think Lyme Disease has affected every aspect of my life. I own and operate a dance studio but I can’t dance because of the unusual pain in my joints, my neck, my back, etc. And if that weren’t enough, I can’t remember simple dance steps because my memory has become so bad. And if THAT weren’t enough, I’m just TOO tired. I could take a nap almost every hour of the day. You would think that with being that tired I would sleep a lot, but I also have insomnia. Those are just some of the big things. There are also the Digestive issues. The Yeast issues. Strange rashes and hives. Allergies. Pinpricks of pain in various places (they sometimes feel like Wasp Stings) that make me yell out and then in embarrassment have to say “I’m sorry” to those around me. Muscle twitches. Arthritis and an extremely stiff neck and sore spine. Blurry vision when all my life my vision has been perfect. Hearing loss. Dizziness.

    The worst thing I think is that the medical establishment always discounted my symptoms because my blood tests always came back normal. I spent SO MANY YEARS and SO MUCH MONEY on medical tests and doctors who could do nothing for me. And now that I have finally been diagnosed by two Lyme literate doctors who have seen the Lyme spirochetes under black field microscopy, I still don’t see the point in going to a local doctor because I’ve been told that insurance will not cover the amount of antibiotics for the length of time that would be needed to kill the disease. Knowing that our own CDC and AMA which should have all the best information in the world doesn’t wish to recognize Lyme Disease for what it is and how hard it is to cure makes me think there is something quite wrong with our Medical system. I pay thousands of dollars for insurance each year but because of Government recommendations to the insurance companies, that insurance is worthless to me. So I pay thousands more for ‘natural’ treatments that help but are never enough to effectively wipe out the Lyme without the antibiotics.

    I could go on and on, but I’m sure other’s have stories quite similar to mine.

  2. Dear Katie,my husband,my daughter in law my son and I have Lyme disease. We live in Middletown NJ which is called a hot spot by ,our Lyme literate Doctor. I would love for the topic of how inaccurate Lab Corp Lyme test are.All of my family had a lot of Lyme symphony’s for years.Only my test came back positive because they do not tell you the lab corp test has a 62 percent chance of not finding you Lyme. my Husband,Son,and daughter inlaw wasted another year suffering .We finally realized you have to go to a Lyme Literate doctor which sends blood to a company in California ,the places called Igenex it is the most accurate testing there is.We are know all being treated by Dr Streit a Lyme Literate doctor.The Shame of this my son and daughter inlaw lost out on another year of life with their 6 year old son.When they we given the wrong results,they went to all kinds of doctors trying to find out what was wrong with them.The swollen knees the the headaches extreme tiredness,not being able to concentrate.They even told my Daughter Inlaw she needed to go on 2 different antidepressants.Thank goodness we did research and realized we had to find a LLM Doctor,We see Dr Steven Striet in Howell NJ.He has help me go from some one who had every part of my body hurt when I would lay down to sleep ,and by now I would have been In a wheelchair, not knowing I could be cured with the right Doctor.Please talk on your show how proper Lyme Testing should become available to everyone,some people live 20 years or more with this Lyme disease being labeled as,lazy learning disabled ,being told they are not pushing themselves, enough ,it’s all in their head.Thinking did that I just had the worst arthritis in my family because at 59 I could hardly walk without extreme pain and lost all strength in my right hand to even hold a cup of tea,also knuckles were distorted and swollen was told it was arthritis.Sorry to go on on but this hold a very important part of my life now.I want to educate as many people as I can,so they do not have to suffer with chronic Lyme like my family had to suffer for so many years because we were not knowledgeable about Lyme disease. Thank you for reading! Sharon Macri Middletown NJ.

  3. Hello Katie,
    My 9 year old son and I were infected about 5 years ago. My son has definitely suffered with some physical symptoms such as knee pain, severe leg aches to the point that they needed to be massaged everyday. It then went to his brain and caused a lot of confusion, lack of memory, and ADD like symptoms. This made it very tough for him in school to the point where he needed a 504 plan.
    Mine started with tension like headaches, stiff neck leading up to the head for the headaches. I was finally diagnosed a couple of years ago around Christmas time. I couldn’t even enjoy my favorite holiday, but that was just the beginning. I am, usually, a very happy go lucky person just looking for a reason to smile and laugh. But my attitude had totally changed, I was extremely irritable and easily set off to verbally explode. I had gotten to the point that I was so angry that I appeared to be a raging maniac. This all but destroyed my marriage and my relationship with my young son.
    It turned out, after seeing a Lyme literate Doctor, that this is called “Lyme Rage”. Then came pure exhaustion, depression, weird anxiety that I couldn’t leave the house. I couldn’t work and if it wasn’t for my parents and my in-laws helping us out financially, we would have lost my work truck and the house, totally destroying my sons childhood. And without my truck, when I eventually felt good enough to get back to work, I wouldn’t have been able too. This disease, along with its co-infections and heavy metal toxicity’s, can absolutely destroy ones life very quickly.
    I am barely able to work now, and that is all I can do. After work, I don’t have any energy left to enjoy my family or life every weekday. The weekends are the same, my body is so busy recovering from the work week that I can’t even function,

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