Kelly’s Lyme Story

I wouldn’t say I’ve completely defeated this disease, but I have gone from near death to highly functional again. I’ve stamped it down enough to get back to a normal life. I’ll be 21 in March, back in college and ready to live life again. I was diagnosed in 2006 with Lyme and Bartonella.

Symptoms were mainly physical, aches and pains in the joints. After four months of Amox I was told I was in the clear. 8 months later, I relapsed and relapsed hard. I remember that day clearly. I had called my mom from school one day my junior year, asking if she could come get me. I went home and slept for 6 hours, then went to bed at a normal time. I remember her saying to my father in the kitchen, “This is how it started last time”. Everything cognitive hit me like a train. I couldn’t think straight, speak correctly. I said “uhm” every five seconds, and had long pauses in my sentences because words literally disappeared.

My father used to make fun of me at the table because my new favorite word was “what”. I would have to ask someone to repeat what they said 12-20 times to understand it, for it to actually imprint in my brain. Yes, I heard you but I didn’t really get what you said. By the middle of my senior year I couldn’t walk, my mother would wake me in the morning to feed me, give me my pills and put me back to sleep until I was ready to move to the couch. That was my life, bed, couch, bed. The day my mother worked I was usually able to drag myself to the kitchen once or twice a day to get some food. Christmas rolled around, and I sat in the corner of the couch nearest to the Christmas tree where I felt safe and hidden for the rest of the house couldn’t see me there. The vegetable daughter.

I have never told anyone this but at the time I very seriously contemplated suicide. I felt it would be easier on my family to not have to deal with me, to see me like that, and more than anything I wanted it all to be over. I wanted to feel nothing. We went to my LLMD that month and decided on a PICC line. I got it in, was on IV Rocephin for 9 weeks and saw drastic improvement. I was able to finish out my senior year with a 4.0 (with the help of great teachers) and get into a great college. Back on orals after the PICC I headed to college. I remember very little from my senior year of high school. I honestly remember getting the PICC in, classmates reaactions, one treatment, getting it out, and prom. My freshman year of college I there was still pain and cognitive issues. I struggled with my school work but I managed.

Depression hit me like a crashing plane but I got on med and I was okay. My sophomore year came around and I crashed again. My brain just stopped working all together, I was sleeping all the time, and when I was awake I was crying. I was struggling to walk and get up and down stairs again and my roommates were struggling with my illness. I made the decision to return home. That winter my mother researched and we came across the Doug Coil Machine. After speaking with the provider and another fantastic family, we traversed to pick it up. After going off antibiotics my body revolted. Everything was out of whack. My stomach could handle nothing an I barely ate for two months. I found out I had a wheat allergy, festering for years and brought out by lyme. I really began treating after all those issues subsided and I saw a huge difference.

The first time I treated was for 7 seconds at 8 feet away and I herxed hard for three days. Thanks to the Doug Coil Machine and a great ND I am doing better than ever. After more blood tests over the years we have determined I have Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, and Erhlichia as well as a raunchy Yeast issue. The coil cured me of my yeast issues and has kept the others in relative check. They still flare from time to time but with my machine I have been able to stamp their little bacterial asses back down where they belong. There’s still a journey to go, but I am better. I am back in college, doing great. I got an internship at Disney next semester and cannot wait to start living my life in a super exciting way again. I want you all to know that there is hope. Through it all there are ways to find a light in the tunnel that Lyme brings. We are getting publicity out now, just look at Times Square! Things will get better, something will work. Just gotta keep your head up and keep pushing. Enjoy your life on your good days and know that the whole community is still here for you, even those of us who are better now! <3

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