Kenley Ratliff 2 Years Old, RIP

Kenley Ratliff

 2 years old

Beautiful two-year-old Kenley Ratliff from Plainfield, Indiana died Sunday, within one week of a tick bite.  Her family suspects she was infected with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever after getting bitten by a tick. Bless you Kenley and our condolences to her family.

If any family of Kenley see this and wants us to add anything for her, please contact us here. 

Here are some articles about Kenley and what her family are doing to raise awareness. ♥


2 thoughts on “Kenley Ratliff 2 Years Old, RIP”

  1. Rest in heaven Kenley boo….. aunt Jalena loves you…. watch over all of us babygirl…. your awareness will save many….. since u were born you were an angel …. until we meet u in heaven ….

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