Kim Goodwin

Kim Goodwin~

Well it started 5 years ago when I was 3 months pregnant with my daughter my husband got bite by a tick in NH while playing soccer. He got sick with joint pains and had a red rash, went to the dr’s and they refused to treat unless positive elisa test well it came out negative. he went to about 10 specialists and diagnosed with MS, Fibro and depressed. Had big needles of steroids put into his joints along with dozens of medicines. Then when my daughter was a year old I got massive cramping pain in my stomach. It felt like I was in labor. This went on for a month so I went to an OBGYN and got an ultrasound, tests, bloodwork and then ended up in surgery to look for any female issues. Everything perfect. put on the pill didn’t help.

I wanted everything out because the pain didn’t go away and I was on serious pain meds. OBGYN rules out onto urlogist said oh maybe you got damage from having your 5th child. Did all sorts of crazy physical therapy just got worse, then pain management, then gastro dr more pills, keep getting worse. so finally found tramadol to help with pain so I could function. Then as that pain was managable with this I started noticing other things and meanwhile my husband after 4 years finally figured out he had lyme by us reading about it and we went to a LLMD. I had such different symptoms he had tingling in his hands, legs and arms, sore soles of his feet, allergic reactions, joint pain, back pain, couldn’t sleep and flu like symptoms.

Then i had the severe cramps, sore muscles, stiff neck, hot and cold sweats, sensative to light and sounds, 24/7 emotional, anger, depressed, not myself at all and then got flu like symtoms, tired for a long time then it changed to insomnia. After a few hours I needed a nap and started isolating myself from the world. It was a living nightmare. Finally I found a male with lyme with the same pelvic pain as me and then i put it together that I have lyme. No tick bite that I know of but think I got it sexually from my husband. My LLMD knew for sure that I had lyme after 5 minutes of hearing my symptoms told me lyme lives in the bladder and it causes severe spasms that cause the cramps, inflammation and tendons and ligaments are all affected.

My husband has been treated for a year so far and I have been for 10 months. We have been from 1 antibiotic to start, than 2 and than 3 with increase in strength and changing the antibitics every 3 months. We are both taking so much natural medicines, using a rift machine, used MMS, Hydrogen Peroxide and the list goes on. Well about 3 months ago I thought what if my daughter got it from me just in case although I had no symptoms during my pregnancy and not until she was about 18 months. Well come to find out I gave it to her and she started treatment 2 months ago. We all were tested through igenex and she had the urine test. She is sensative to light and sound and smells but that is really it. I am very lucky that she has not had anything else.

I am scared that this disease doesn’t go away though and it just goes into remission and she will have to live with this. I pray to god that she is young and strong enough to get every single ounce of this out of her little body. She is allergic to amoxicillian so it makes her treatment harder. She is on keflex, bactrim and zithromicin and I use grapeseed extract for the cyst. She also take lots of herbs, baths is peroxide, epsom salt baths, coconut oil for skin cream and cook with it. We all take tons of probiotics and magnesium and about 30 pills a day my husband and me. My daughter about 5 different herbs and juice plus, multi vitamin with lots and lots of stuff in it. I am now on tindamax and mepron with zithro and I am feeling for the first time in a year that my brain is clearer, my mood is better, my vision is better and my emotions and anger is under control.

The sweats went away when I was on biaxin and plaquenel and the flu like symtoms and I went through a healther period but then the cyst buster omnicef added and went back into hell again. It has been such a hard time for my family and I am testing all my boys because I am scared. I have 3 teens and a 10 year old along with my 4 year old daughter. My 10 year old is losing hair they say alopecia but I think lyme. I live in NH and ticks are just found near us just by going to our boys football games in full jeans, socks, sweatshirts and one of our kids will get one. Luckily we have found many unattached but making me think of all the times they didn’t come right home and take a shower and sleepover camp and I think it is very possible they could have it.

My daughter and I both walked around for years with no symtoms so not sure why but I wish my face turned into a paralyzed disaster to rush me to the hospital and be treated so I would have gotten treatment and would have known to take antibitoics when pregnant with my daughter and treat her when she was younger. She was on antibiotics for ear infections and everything several times and if the thery of he dumb FDA, IDSA of 2 weeks and it’s gone then she wouldn’t have tested positive after the 4 or 5 times she was on antibiotics. I still have the bad cramping pain everyday of my life. I want off tramadol at some point but until this goes away I would not be able to be a mom to my children and work if I go off of it.

I still get tired if I do to much and my motivation is poor. I would say I am 80% better with everything but the cramps. I plan to be on the antibiotics and all treatments until the cramps go away. However long that may take I will not go off and then find out oops now you start over another 2 years of antibiotics and hell. I pray that this time the next switch of antibiotics will never bring me to the dark whole of hell I was in where I wish my life was over. I have lost a child, lived with an alcoholic for 13 years of abuse in many forms and went through a divorce, lay off and house fire all in the same 4 months and never in my life has anything brought me to as low of a place as lyme disease. It makes you wish it would go away or your life would end. It messes with your brain and makes you not even yourself anymore. Nothing would ever bring me to think that way this is the most horrible illness and I pray for all the people walking around thinking they have all these other crazy things they don’t have.

I hope someone will tell them they think it’s this and they will listen and get checked by a LLMD and stop trusting their dr’s. It is a waste of time and you will get tested and you might as well flip a coin a few times instead because it is more accurate. You need igenex that look at it under special lighting in a special high tech lab that knows what they are doing.

This is a man made bacteria from world war 2 meant to cause harm and it sure did. The FDA felt they could profit from a vaccine that didn’t work and here we are with the ticks that you can’t kill easy at all outside of you and so hard on the inside of you. IF you get a tick bite just go on doxy for 30 days. If you have to order it online than do it. Screw the dr’s be your own advococate and if you do this you will save yourself many many years of hell, possibly your family as well. If you wait it becomes chronic and it will infest your brain and change your world to where most can’t work, nobody will understand or listen and it will be the biggest mistake you have ever made.

If I only knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have wasted so many precious years of my life. My kids lost out on their mom feeling and even acting normal. This ruins lives not causes a little pain it destroys you. So if you have it fight to get rid of it. Oh one more thing my husband and I both gained 30 pounds which made no sense on why. It enlarges your heart and spleen, hurts your thyroid, adrenels, pituitary, spelling and brain skills as you can see and my body wouldn’t lose one pound no matter how little ate. Many people will lose weight and have no appetite it all depends on the person but weight is a big indicator as well of a problem.

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