Kim’s Wish for her Daughter to Receive Christmas Cards

imageedit_13_3441885467The Wish:

My daughter has Chronic Lyme and we are really struggling this year. We are not exchanging gifts with each other but I’d like her to get something. I ask for Christmas cards to be Kendrea. They always make her happy.

Thanks , Kim

Her address is

Kendrea White
181 Panther
Rd. Hartford, Al. 36344.


9 thoughts on “Kim’s Wish for her Daughter to Receive Christmas Cards”

    1. Thank you <3 she will be so excited to get the card. Driving to the mailbox every day is a thrill to her as she hasn't drove in years. She is going to really enjoy the trips around the driveway now.

    1. Thank you so much. <3 It will put a smile on her face. She doesn't drive anymore but she has started driving to the mailbox every day. It makes her day to just get to drive around the house.

  1. I was the recipient of the wishlist before yours and saw this. 🙂 We are going to send a card in the mail for your daughter. I saw her address and had to comment. We are from Enterprise, Alabama! Hartford is literally 45 minutes from there! We are no longer there and are travelling to find a safe place, but I do know where that is. 🙂 Best wishes for your family.

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