Kory James: An Enthusiastic Advocate

ribbonsWhatislyme.com would like to recognize people in the Lyme community that have done something to try to help the Lyme community. There are several “unsung heroes” in our community and we would  like to just offer them a little recognition and make sure that their achievements and efforts don’t go  unnoticed.

Today we would like to thank Kory James. 

Kory is always supportive of every event or campaign that is currently happening. She jumps in and offers to help, promote it, helps others get involved. She never asks for anything in return, or attention. She is very altruistic and just does it for the cause. So thank you Kory!


Kory runs the support group on Facebook: Park Rapids Lyme Disease Support

She also started the “Lyme Noodle” to help educate children about Lyme disease.

Kory says,“I have created, thanks to my daughter, THE LYME NOODLE to bring awareness to children… We have about 6 noodles done (spirochete) and I just painted the refrigerator box. house black( first coat) second coat will be chalk black so I can write facts on the outside. Next year I want to make lime colored hair ties to try and bring more education to people about lyme…”

Follow Kory’s Youtube Channel Here

Nikki and Chief Koennicke taking a “Bite our of Lyme”

One of the events she has gotten involved in is the Lyme Disease Challenge.

Girl Scouts of Park Rapids Minnesota USA #takeabiteoutoflyme #lymediseasechallenge

Kory couldn’t travel to the Mayday Protest in DC, so she stood out on the streets in Minnesota to spread awareness on the same day.

Mayday 5/1/15 Park Rapids MN #lymediseaseawareness #lymedisease

She also tries to help people with her knowledge and her own experience with Lyme treatments.

My Rife Machine getting better with Lyme disease here in Minnesota April 2015

Another campaign she helped out with is Red Shoe Day.

Some of the pictures Kory made for “Red Shoe Day.”

Red shoe day, will be held annually on July 25th  to remember all those we have lost to invisible illness such as Lyme, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and the many more illnesses that are invisible. Kory helped those who didn’t have red shoes make pictures that they could post in  honor of those we have lost.

Facebook Page from 2014

Red Shoe Day



Kory’s Story

Back in 2007 I moved here in Menahga Minnesota from Anaheim California. I had no idea what it tick was,nor did I know of tickborne diseases that it carries. We have 50 acres on our property and I mow some of it which takes me about 3 to 4 hours.

I went out to mow the lawn and I had skin so soft as a bug repellent on my whole body because I’m a freak and I am overprotective because I don’t like bugs. When I finished mowing the lawn I came into the house and took a shower because I was really dirty. As I was finishing my shower I noticed something on my foot as I was drying my body.

I noticed something bit me I didn’t know what it was, my husband was in California at the time because we had our business there, I called and told him something bit me, but it doesn’t hurt, it was just a spot right on the left side of my right foot. As time went on that evening I noticed that it was getting worse.

The next day I called the doctors office and I made an appointment to see them that same day I went to see a new doctor she had just graduated and I thought I’m going to be in good hands. Well from that appointment she sent me to a specialist a skin specialist because she didn’t know what it was so they treated me with steroid cream which made it spread more on my foot.

Two weeks later I went in and they referred me to a different specialist, that specialist treated me with a fungus cream which didn’t do anything for me. So they put me back on steroid cream. I got tired of them guessing so I just tried to fix it myself. In between the two specialist I ended up with this weird headache it was such a weird feeling I can remember it, like a flu type headache lasted a couple of days and then it went away from there I noticed my blood vessels were popping on my fingers for no apparent reason.

I went into the doctor again and she referred me to a specialist that ran a test where they check your nerves, they didn’t find anything. I started getting bloated every time I ate so I went in because my stomach look like I was pregnant so they did an x-ray and they saw a blockage. They ran three other tests they couldn’t figure out what the blockage was.

During the the ultrasound, they found cysts, they said it was about the size of a dime. It was voluntary for me if I wanted to remove them, and I chose to remove them, which I am glad I did, they were a golf ball size and a baseball size cyst. As far as the cysts, I had to go in three years in a row to remove cysts. I started getting pain on my side, under my rib cage, and my lower abdomen.

They couldn’t find out what that was, again they ran tests and bloodwork and still couldn’t figure it out. So they had me see a surgeon which he said it was my gallbladder,so I replied, well can I have a picture of my gallbladder please when you take it out . I still have that picture of my gallbladder and there’s nothing wrong with my gallbladder and that pain never went away with that surgery.

I started getting pains in my knees and I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Let me back up here a bit when I was born I’ve always had a poor immune system my mom had a hard time during pregnancy we almost lost her and myself, so I’ve always  had a low immune system . I’ve had allergies to foods and to anything green, my mom used to tell me I should live in a bubble.

I have degenerative disc disease and thyroid disease. I’ve seen so many specialists and so many doctors I can’t keep track of it all, especially with this lyme brain. It just seems like every week I was going through something new I remember when I started getting dizzy all the time, I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t figure it out I just dealt with it, till I fell down the stairs, I ended up at the emergency room. They told me I had vertigo, they said there was nothing that they could do for me except give me seasick pills. Which I disagree. I looked into it, and researched it more.

I found myself a physical therapist that did a technique and I no longer have vertigo. I was at the point where I could not drive anymore and I could not walk anymore I was in excruciating pain,I had seizures, spasms, I do remember I did go to the doctor because she thought I was in depression. At this time still not knowing what was wrong with me, I looked at my husband and I said there’s something seriously wrong with me.

In my own research is how I found out about Lyme disease, I contacted ILADS.org and they referred me to a Lyme literate physician assistant she happened to be in California I just got lucky and happen to get her cell phone and she happened to answer her phone, that said she told me to go to a natural pathic here in Park Rapids Minnesota I walked in she said I was too sick to treat. But had me get a IGenex blood test, which I had no idea how to read it when it came in.

But in my research it really didn’t matter because there was no accurate test. I’ve had four tests done all negative. Just getting sicker as the days go on. One day at church a lady came up to me and she said you know Kory God put it in my heart to have you go see Dr. K and so the next day I made an appointment with Dr. K in Walker and I had to wait three months to get into see him, He does the computer test which is from England which is called electro-dermal screening, that is how I knew what strains I was dealing with borellia burgdorferi ehrlichiosis and babesisosis.

Believe it or not I was relieved to finally realize what I was dealing with. At that point I thought to myself I can only get better from here. Again I go back to my family physician to get antibiotics but I could not I ended up getting antibiotics from the LLPA, then I had to go black market, I also took the tincture that was given to me by Dr. K. I was able to walk again one thing I learned in this journey is to always write down your elements and your improvements.

I saw myself getting better but still that was not good enough for me so again I got more research done on lyme disease which led me to the rife machine, which my whole family totally believes in it . It has helped my 10 year old daughter from two surgeries and it has helped us bring our life back. I also have a Chi machine that runs oxygen through your body.

I have been building up my immune system I want to say for the past three years, i’ve been detoxing my body for the past three years also. I’ve been doing Young living essential oils for the past two years, I have a diffuser running in my room and in the living room 24 hours seven days a week, I run these to kill all the bacteria in the air that we breathe.

My next step is CO cannabis oil. I truly believe in my heart that it’s going to give many of us are life back. The reason I do what I do in bringing awareness is because nobody was there for me when I was struggling trying to figure it out, but I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through.

There’s so much I left out of my story, but I say this: every day is a new day, I enjoy life, I focus on the things I can do. I have excepted to do what I can, when I can, and not to do anything, when I can’t. That’s my slogan as a Lymie. If you read my lyme story I just shared I want you to know I am here for you 24 seven I’m not a doctor I’m not a nurse I’m just a human being wanting to help other human beings. I am a Christian woman, I am here to pray anytime you need.. PLEASE remember you’re not alone ever… Kory James

We know not everyone can coordinate or attend a protest, not everyone can launch big campaigns, but it’s people like Kory who do their part as they can who are helping to make a difference.  We just want to recognize your efforts in spreading Lyme disease awareness Kory! Thank you!


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  1. I too have Lyme disease. I was a logger in walker mn. I was living off grid building a log home so being dirty and in the woods everyday was a normal thing. I notice a bump behind my knee. After looking at it. I notice the bulls eye. I figured it was just another bug bite. Days later I felt fatigue and flu like symptoms. I continued my work in the woods. Soon I was in pain. My joints hurt so bad I started to drink till intoxication. But the pain remained. I started to use cannabis to elevate the pain. It helped but I didn’t want to abuse it or myself.a month later, I was bed ridden and suffered a small heart attack. I finally went into the hospital and they ran blood test. It came back positive for Lyme’s. Antibiotics where giving. Next day I stumbled in the wrong path in life and left me behind bars. I advised the the authorities about my current health issues, and that I needed antibiotics. They ignored my pleas. I sat for 10 months with my condition worsened. I ended up not being able to walk and migraines, cysts, memory loss.the fatigue became a nightmare. I couldn’t stay awake. They ran one test for Lyme and after hosting the bacteria from the tick. I tested six out of five traits. So I had it full blown at this time. They made an appointment to do a infusion directly into my heart with the strongest antibiotics, after a month, the test showed the bacteria became immune to the antibiotics. Moving ahead one year back on the street. I visited a specialist. They basically said you still have it nothing can be done.I’ve been on steroids for a year I developed a butterfly rash on my face which they say too much antibiotic can trigger lupus. Thus giving the butterfly on my face. Day in day out, I have serious health issues caused by this small tick and by having it in me untreated for so long I feel like it’s curtains at times. The pains are unbearable at times and there seems to be no relief in site. This truly is a invisible killer. I continued to work everyday, being on my feet all day is pure hell. Walking is a challenge everyday. I feel like I failed at being a simple man. Is there any help?

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